Natural Balance Dimwits

I’m not usually this freakin dense brainless.

Or perhaps I just need a job as CEO of a pet food company; it appears that at least the Menu Foods, and Natural Balance CEO’s attended and studied the dim-witted lessons.

Natural Balance however obviously learned nothing from the lessons American Consumers taught to Menu Foods, for lying, distorting the facts, or simply concealing them.

What’s behind door number three, Alex? More recalls?

Perhaps Natural Balance can explain, why a cat food that makes the specific claim that it contains No Rice And Is Grain Free contains rice gluten?

The Natural balance website specifically says that it’s Venison and Pea dry cat food does not contain :

• No Artificial Preservatives, Flavors, Colors, or Bleached Ingredients. Does not contain Corn, Soy, Wheat, Rice, Eggs, Dairy Products or Sunflower Oil.

Here is a quote from their recall:
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Pacoima, CA — April 17, 2007– Natural Balance, Pacoima, CA, is issuing a voluntary nationwide recall for all of its Venison dog products and the dry Venison cat food only, regardless of date codes. The recalled products include Venison and Brown Rice canned and bagged dog foods, Venison and Brown Rice dog treats, and Venison and Green Pea dry cat food. Recent laboratory results show that the products contain melamine. We believe the source of the melamine is a rice protein concentrate. Natural Balance has confirmed this morning that some production batches of these products may contain melamine.

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