Drapes and Computers

During one of the trips to the hosp this month a set of “blackout drapes”I had ordered arrived, I got the boxes opened and ready to press, when back to the hospital I went.

bengal cats and dell computer

In the mean time TheMasterOfTheUniverse had bought me a new dell laptop.
One that I will be able to use after this Novembers surgery.

The boys made their feelings pretty clear about comfort and computers…
bengal cats and laptops in a box

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Revolving Doors

Wow, what a month it’s been!
Revolving hospital doors are us..
I didn’t even get to pick the door I wanted..

The infectious disease doctor is very concerned that we get the infection sufficiently suppressed before the surgery, which is scheduled for Nov 13th.

So he has had me on a cocktail of various antibiotics.
I saw a total of 4 doctors over 4 days early in the month, complaining of vomiting and Diarrhea, none seemed to concerned, all mentioned staying hydrated..
I guess in hind site, had I said I cannot keep Pedialyte popsicles down, they
Might have listened.
Thursday night a week after the Infus-a-Port had been placed, I was
Really sleepy..
Slept till midnight took a small dose of morphine, and went back to sleep.

Friday morning I couldn’t wake up.. TheMasterOfTheUniverse finally got me to
Sit up, but I was very confused, didn’t know what day it was, or for sure what was wrong.. Just didn’t feel too great.

TheMasterOfTheUniverse called an ambulance, that’s about all I remember of the next couple of days, they finally decided I was severely dehydrated, and that the infection had not moved to my brain.

But it doesn’t end there, it happened again, a couple days later, this time TheMasterOfTheUniverse just took me into the clinic, where they hooked me up to fluids, and then had a phone conference with the ID Doc.
The culprit turned out to be rifampin which is a drug that enhances the bones ability to absorb antibiotics, unless of course you go into shock from dehydration first….

So now I am on vancomycin, IV 2 times a day and aztreonam IV push 5 to 7 minutes
Every 8 hours.
I am walking again, and feel pretty good!
Thank God for that!