Bad Kitty Cats Festival Of Chaos~Edition No.68

Kashim had Astrid do an amazing header Thanks !!!

festival 68 header

The BengalBrats expressed their dismay with their human Pet,
who rested instead of getting the Bad Kitty Festival Of Chaos up…

Tigger sys....come on Pet!

Tigger say’s come on mom…………

So with my human apologies firmly in your mind..

Rahel starts us off with Expect the Unexpected

Elms in the Yard.Expect the Unexpected

Pet thinks “Expect the Unexpected” would have been the perrrfect theme, cause she had this almost ready to post when the power went out…

Parker sharesTattle Tail Tuesday posted at Perfectly Parker.
keep em guessing

Keep them guessing.

Sir Woody decided that he and Parker must be long lost cousins cause thats Woodrows philosophy….

>.SonnyBob waits quietly

SonnyBob waits quietly

Debra celebrates the coming weekend with Finally Friday posted at MANX MNEWS. Finally Friday

Babeth presents This Stress posted at House of Chaos. This stress Loup-Garou a stressed kitty

Mog gave us three submissions.
Finally Friday-6


The really bad kitty cat post

This bad kitty! Bad Kitty!

Cheysuli’s submission is Big Catnip and Chey-tocksThis is some cute tocks!

Cute tocks!!

House of the (Mostly) Black Cats aka Hot(M)BC aka The “Hotties’ offered this beautiful picture for his Happy Fat Eric’s Purrthday!

>.SirWoody says thanks Happy Fat Eric’s Purrthday

>.SirWoody says thanks SirWoody says thanks

Edition No.69 will be hosted by Zed Monster @ the BKCFoC homeon Nov 02, 2008.

Thanks for participating.. and thanks to all for your patience!