Biopsy of Bones


Monday I spent the day doing the nervous
stuff..I was still feeling really sick from the steak at the outback.
I had a Big anxiety thing going..

TheMasterOfTheUniverse actually slept all night..How could he sleep?

I sipped ice water till midnight ,then attempted to sleep.
When the alarm went off Tuesday morning at 530am, I was up and showered and faunchy.. Thats a technical term for, I have the attention span of a scared 2 year old.

We finally got to Shands U. of Florida hosp.
Found the Ct dept, filled out 230 more pages of paperwork, and got more nervous.

I knew this was gonna suck.

OH BOY Howdy! How about you let a doctor pound a 1/4 inwide and 10 inch long hollow tube into your spine with a mallet?
Hear them say they are out of meds and will be right back..
Takers ??? Anyone?

Well thats what happened, the 15 minute needle biopsy turned into a 31/2 hour torture experience..
All I can say is I hope we find out what
this bacteria is..

SirWoody has been hanging close…He is mommas boy….

Im not Interested!

I will let you all know what we find out.. if anything.