Dell sucks….

Tigger isn’t inpressed with Dell these day’s.
Well for that matter neither am I.

Scenerio: INSPIRON 1525 Laptop overheats and shuts down.
Dell’s Solution for the ridiculous charge of 59.00… The hard drive and memory cards are bad.

So I replaced the hard drive and the memory cards… Problem computer STILL overheats and shuts down.
When they don’t know whats wrong they lie.

So I cleaned the heat sink, no inprovement.
Last possible solution before throwing laptop in trash, replace the fan.

Heh! Dell Sucks

Tigger is pissed off, because fixing this dell inspiron has taken way
to much time away from loving him.

Fan costs 15.95 through dell. You must buy the fan through dell or it may not fit.
So I bought the fan, only to discover that you have to completely disassemble the laptop to get to the fan, yep.. you
have to pull the motherboard…

So I did what any intelligent person does when faced with scary things like pulling motherboards.
I calles Dr.Scott’s PC services. (drscottspc(at)gmail(dot com). Now Scott who is a genius and wonder at all things PC has done work for us before. I highly recomend him.

Solution..Laptop runs quietly and does not overheat.I am now the proud owner of a laptop with a new and unnecessary hard drive and 2 memory boards.. whohoo…On reflection I should have just bought a new computer.

Thanks for nothing Dell.. You and your “experts” who do not speak english suck.And next time just tell the truth, that you have no freakin idea what the problem is….