A Late Introduction

I just realized that back in May when our son TankerTheTallSon moved back home that I didn’t introduce KaylaTheKind his sidekick. She is a 5 year old American Pit Bull Terrier. She is the size of a small horse and as solid as a frickin brick. She has large soulful eyes and delights in expressing her love with her extremely large busy tongue copious amounts of drool are an unasked for bonus that can catch you unaware. KalaTheKind should really come with a slobber bib.

SonnyBob whose evil twin is a demon possessed bully with paws of lightening and teeth of titanium who takes great pleasure in stropping KaylaTheKind OR LoliTheBigBlackDog. Said stropping is always followed by a neat BengalBrat spin and a double paw smack down. Like Spin-WAP_WAP. This reduces both dogs to a quivering mass of scared puppy who heads for the first corner they can reach to shudder in terror until the evil one has been banished and SonnyBob the lover returns.
Tigger does his best to convince both dogs that they are loved, it does take some serious convincing.

It being Mancat Monday, Tigger is in addition to being a sweet heart, when he’s not trying to see how fast I can bleed is the purrfect example of a Mancat. SonnyBob possessed, well not so much.At any rate enjoy more Monday Mancat posts via the TheCatBlogoSphere. Or visit Mancat Monday Guests with Sammy and Andy.

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