You know those days, where you have definite plans for yourself.
Today was one of those days for me.
I had things planned,organized.
Definite plans.
Goals of plans coming to fruitation today.

There is a dog who is black and well he’s black.
He somehow weaseled his way into our family.
And He mistakenly thinks that dirt is for digging in.
It is obviously a genetic flaw.
He is a badgerdog.

I was planning on leaving early to get this crap done
accomplish my goals, when I discovered that BlackJackTheBlackBadger had dug
300million holes in the gardens and in the drive way.

Several hours later, having gotten much more fricking practice better acquainted with a shovel and rake and as Arlo Guthrie says instruments of Destruction, I am tired, grubby and I have a Happy Happier Happiest BadgerDog.Happy
Go figure.

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