Bonfire Of The Vanities #138

Despite my best attempts to make any freakin sense of order out of this mess to organize these posts needing sacrificial atonement forgetfulness. I was overcome.. so I offer them for your judgement.
Free Money Finance has some rather useless tips for us this week,
Money Saving Tip: Stop Drinking Bottled Water. FMF had this to say “I thought this was a great way to save money — readers thought otherwise!”
Personal Finance Advice made a bold claim, sadly Jeffery Strain was wrong…This-Site-Is-More-Important-Than-Sex
Moving on from personal financial advice: Jack Cluth, from The People’s Republic of Seabrook
ponders Enron and al Qaeda with; What? No 401k plan??
The Peace Moonbeam Chronicles presents Doing Disney Peace Moonbeam said ” Another poorly written stupid story.”
Conservative Cat submitted “Just When You Thought You’d Seen Everything” Ferdinand T. Cat said ” When dealing with trackback spam, even I find it difficult to be calm and rational.”

Even Tigger smirked at Ferdy “being calm and rational”…
Sophistpundit in a shameless attempt to gain blogging fame..Adam Gurri offers up.. well something..Revenge-Of-Forgotten-English Adam said ” Part of my continual posting from the Forgotten English daily callender. Can you say “playing to Google searches”?”
Yes Adam , we can.. but why?
Chriscam sent us Different Strokes in which he proved there was an intermittent stream of consciousness, very intermittent… Chris Tiberius said in his defense..” Totally, incoherently, intoxicated. And on white zinfindel of all things. How low-brow and gay is that?”
Dodgeblogium dropped this tidbit.. Two Different DrummersGnotalex asks;” Dueling music at the Winter Olympics?”
We arent sure either..
Multiple Mentalityoffered
Exclusive! Josh Cohen wondered “Are they or aren’t they?”
We don’t care and bet you wont either!
Finally dragging in at the last possible minute… Dwayne “the canoe guy” gives his expose ” Where I expose my gambling ‘habit’ and why I want to barf upon the industry.
Mensa Barbie Welcomes You This is a Secret
mensa barbie remarked..” Everyone Loves an intriguing secret…Ha-Ha….heh
I just wish I’d realized how absolutely evil a laugh that was. I didnt have to actually endure watching it.
Blog d’Elisson sent Pencil Penance
Elisson commented ; A post that is painful to read…thanks in part to the subject matter.
The subject matter was not all that was truly horrifing!

If you have gotten here, Great Relief You have reached..
The End.

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