Carnival Of The Cats Number 485

The BengalBrats are honored to once again host this fun carnival!

A look below gives a pretty clear look at the weather here.
Stormy, wind and lashing rain.
Couldn’t be a better day to settle in and enjoy this 485th edition of the COTC’S. map

Kicking off today’s carnival is our friend John from StrangeRanger sharing a wonderful series of
Photosynthesis via Maddie

Next up is The Florida Furkids our buddies giving us a great close up of Raz
Delightful Raz
Additional pics and video Of Raz and TheFurrKids are there as well.

Moving along we meet our old friend Amar Of Weekend Cat Blogging from CatSynth.
Ever Lovely Luna
featuring the ever Lovely Luna Under the Glass

SirWoody an SonnyBob
SirWoody is enjoying a shared bath with SonnyBob.

Up next our friends TX furiends, Samantha, Clementine & Maverick from Life From A Cat’s Perspective!!They had a great interview by MouseBreath

Great Interview

Run by Jan’s Funny Farm!

Wow its like long lost friend week here!!WhooHoo!

SonnyBob’s glaring at Pet!!! He say’s move it along!!

A new friend we just met meowmeowmans is with
Animal Shelter Volunteer Life and shared that Elmer after 2 years finally got a furrever home..
fun with pets

They have fun there too!
Wow, these folks are awesome!!!

Keeping Your Cat Healthy is the next entry with
Grooming Your Cat.
Some great care tips!

Finally Kiril has several really good(tongue in cheek humor) posts to share!

*By Nikita* 100 Word Cat Story 39: Seniority Has It’s

Nikita Discovers Lady Cat Considers Him a

*By Miss Elvira*
Stroll #9: Houston, We Have Lift Off! The Feline Utility Vehicle Returns!

*Daddy Kiril At Large*: Blog Paws Presentations and More

Thanks for joining us today!
Next weeks carnival is Jul 07, 2013, hosted by Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussycat
To host a carnival( It’s Fun!!) visit carnival.

Tigger says goodnight.
With a Yawn from Tigger, we say goodnight.
As always, if we made an error please send the correction to

11 thoughts on “Carnival Of The Cats Number 485”

  1. I know!! Having arachnoiditis just sucks, it limits me so severely. It was so great to be able to host this carnival!! And to catch up with you, my (old Fl.) now TX.Furiends!!

  2. OH!!! What a fun Carnival and we are very happy to see you all, too! It’s been too long!! Thanks for hosting!

    Your TX furiends,
    Samantha, Clementine & Maverick

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