Carnival Of The Cats~Edition 256

The BengalBrats and Pet would like to welcome you
to the February 8th,2009 edition of COTC!
We are breaking with tradition today, in order to give some lucky cat a free
custom silhouette donated by VinylSilhouettes!

The Photos entered will be posted first thing tomorrow morning, along with a
voting poll with the winner announced on Friday!
You can vote daily and get your friends to vote for you as well!
Fun stuff, contests! Vote often!
Remember the winner gets to choose what photo they send that will get made into the silhouette…………

While waiting for the Carnival to open King Henry the Firsttakes a final exam, with some pretty tricky questions to boot at Tiria Cat.

Moving down the frosty Midway, Rahel from Elms in the Yard gives us
This Week’s Cat Photos

Traveling down the Midway a bit, Pepi from The House of the (Mostly) Black Cats shares with us Midnight Mancat Monday proving again what a strong and manly mancat he is!

Matt from The Pet Haven mans a booth filled with nipparoni and chewy handouts, that tell us why pricey pet food isn’t necessarily better..

Across from the Ferris wheel is Elisson from Blog d’Elisson Hakuna is EVER VIGILANT, we think probably from all those lights going round and round…

jams O’Donnell from The Poor Mouth rides the roller-coaster with Guest cats – Alexis and the bear

This, That & The Other Thing (TT&TOT Gang) are crammed into the duck floaty booth trying to knock out those ducks…with Finally Feline Friday: Men At Work

Marilynn from Momma Grace & Company moved down the Midway for a stop at the candied nips and nuts booth,
with Going slightly nuts!

Michelle at When Cats Attack watches the arms of the spinning octopus ride while Miya battles the feather beastie..and also Zombie Kitty Wow that was way scarier than the ride!

Cheysuli from Chey’s place was admiring some spontaneous breakapaw dancers while pondering How to
Avoid Unflattering Photo Poses, While Admitting to Overeating. Now that’s a problem we’d all like the answer to…

Further down the Midway CatSynth (Amar and Luna) play on a seesaw and Celebrate The construction is over!

K T Cat from The Scratching Post
takes a break off the Midway to share High Contrast Feline Portraiture

Chica & Pumuckl – 2 Egyptian Cats in Germany study their pose at the house of a zillion mirrors with
Wordless Wednesday: Love You

John at StrangeRanger shares his love of earlightPet is fond of that look also! We hope for many more trips down the Midway..
Prayers are offered.. Please join in.

China Cat noticed the booth for hot nipps on a stick and dragged us in for a taste or three with Sleepy Sunday at the Carnival…

Willow spinning wildly at willow’s cat blog shares the SuperBowl thru a cats eyes..While trying to decide which way to go on the Midway!

sammawow is wandering while the Minstrels play love ballads and thinks about Valentines Day…………..

Aloysius at Catymology
takes a break and stands up to consider Tablecat’s winter

Meanwhile Willie from The Phin, Feather and Furr Gang stops at the darts table, just for luck with My prezzints!
That’s some big haul Willie!

Samantha from Life From A Cat’s Perspective is actually thinking about the silhouette while wandering the Midwat and wondering where did the beaches go? Samantha & Mr. Tigger Silhouttes for Carnival Of The Cats

At the end of the Midway, Babeth at the House of Chaos wonders
What If?

Hanging around the gates munching on nip cotton candy are Kashim & Othello
and Salome from The Catboys Realm
Looking gorgous in their poses
(Ya done good by the way!) hehehe….

And the beautiful Ms. Mog showed off by juggling three at a time, earning a hug cheer for her talents! Cat stuff led the way, then the adorable Meowza and finally celebrating Friday!

If we have missed anyone please drop us a note at petcampbel(at)gmail(dot)com

Next week’s Carnival will be hosted by Kashim & Othello and Salome

Remember to stop by tomorrow and vote for your favorite!
Thanks for joining us!
Pet and TheBengalBrats

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