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Easy Like Sunday- Sick

I intended to make this post this morning…
But! It didn’t happen because I’m sick.
Tigger and I shared a birthday on March 7th, he is eight and I am getting more grey…He got treats and toys.. I got well never mind!
I have been on antibiotics for 21 days, I’ve had a rotten sinus infection that has been dragging on an one, so our family doctor put me on a course of antibiotics, I now have all the symptoms of c-diff.
All I could think was not again!
So while we wait for lab confirmation, I am mostly hanging out. SirWoody shows his big green eyes and his tender heart.

soft eyes

Easy Like Sunday

Today was a freaking laid out lazy day
was pretty restful for the furry kind variety Of TheBengalBrats.

Tigger flat sleeping!

Tigger of the great paws started the day…

Reach out to touch Pet.

Then Tigger reached out to touch Pet!

SonnyBob and SirWoody

SonnyBob and SirWoody only BROTHERS would do this!!

SonnyBob's straight legs

Sleeping beauty, (straight leg style) SonnyBob has it all!

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