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Carnival OF “It Went To The Dogs” Edition 1



welcomes you to the first edition of the carnival of the dogs!

She is delighted to have her old friend “Lucky” who is visiting to help her.


Lucky the visiting friend.

It’s a small round up, but as they say great things come in small packages!
Lucky say’s just look at me!
I’m an adorable Dachshund.

Well enough of Lucky’s ego.. err help

Our first visit is to a vet that does rescue work. We think Lisa is an Angel and deserves many hugs because she works out of her heart.
This is one of many rescues that have been helped by Lisa’s generosity.


Schnookie the Rescued Shih Tzu .

Lisa S. Hindle Deppe, DVM gives us Veterinary Rescuer: The Beginning of a New Life: A Puppy Mill Rescue posted at Veterinary Rescuer.

Moving on from the horror of puppy mills, comes a question we have faced a time or two ourselves. Animal Insurance should I buy or not
BWL tosses out a fair look at both sides of the issue with Should You Buy Pet Health Insurance? posted at Christian Personal Finance. Truly a good read. I agree with the conclusion by the way.

Last but in no way the least, Tina Marconi debunks a lot of commonly
held myths and addresses some real fears with a wonderful variety of articles Franken-Food? 24 Great Articles & Blogs About Transgenic Animals posted at Vet Tech.

Thanks for joining us !

See you in 2 weeks.

It Went To The Dogs, A Carnival Of All Things Canine


Click the pic for full sized image.

This week Pet’s garden blog is going to be home to a new carnival. Well it’s actually an old carnival with a new name! Due to circumstances beyond Pet’s control, after agreeing to host the Carnival of the Dogs, Pet learned that there was no way to transfer the carnival. Blog Carnival is experiencing “technical difficulties”.

Yep, makes me want to run and hide under the bed with SirWoody, just thinking about all that! But we were able to create a new name…
So welcome one and all to ” It Went To The Dogs”, a Carnival of all things canine.
The Canine Carnival hosted by Pamibe last year has been on hiatus looking for a new sponsor, which she found!

The Carnival will be accepting submissions through the modulator, Boarding The Friday Ark, blog carnival,or emailing LoliTheBigBlackDog at, itwenttothedogs(at)gmail(dot)com

Submissions will close on midnight Saturday, with the carnival going up on Sunday.LoliTheBigBlackDog and Pet hope you enjoy the carnival, we think its going to be fun!