COTC’s Sunday Edition On Thursday!

With my most profound apologies for a late carnival, pleading illness that has kept me from posting.
On to the Carnival Edition 532 which was due on
Sunday, May 25!

Welcome to The Carnival Of The Cats!
cotcs Where “All your cats r belong to us.”

Having a bit of a spat over who should go where, Tigger reacts as SirWoody slaps at him… By slapping right back!
SonnyBob watches upside and backwards as his siblings get it on!
cat spat

Jumping over to,
The Girls Get Their Nails Done and a Weight Check at the
Vet, looks like fun was had for all!

Next stop at CatSynth.
The 2nd Annual Oakland Internet Cat Video Festival took place a little over a week ago. Large numbers of cat lovers and cat-video enthusiasts descended on a block of West Grand Avenue along The Great Wall in celebration of cats, and of course your author was there, complete with crazy-cat-lady dress and bag.
crazy catsynths lady

Moving onward –Brian’s Home Womancat Wednesday with Sisters Kit and Zoe.
First up Sister Kit.
sister kit
Next Up Womancat Whisker Humps with Sister Kit!
sister zoe

Around the curve with Animal Shelter Volunteer Life,
with (nearly) Wordless Wednesday.

Sparky Shadow Freddie
Shadow says, “No!”

Also Animal Shelter Volunteer Life,
Hooray! It’s FURever Home Friday! And we have some HUGE adoption news to report!

At curves end-Rascal & Rocco
7 Ways to Show Your Cat You Love Him #HillsPet.
cat photophoto courtesy of Hills

Life from a Cat’s Perspective Special Post For Mr. Tigger
< by Samantha on Monday. tigger
Also from
Life from a Cat’s Perspective

Wordless Wednesday with Samantha.

Finally- From StrangeRanger

“This memorial day, we’re remembering family members who went to war, and those who kept the home fires burning. We hope all who serve come home safe.

We also remember Ivy. A gallant soul, a kind heart and a civilized manner.”ivy
Thank you all for participating! The next Carnival is 06/01/14 #533 – The Opinionated Pussycat

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