Easy Like Hot Sunday

After two months of rain , it is hot, not just hot,
but fry your feet, or paws hot, heat indices over 105 day after day….

The A/C is working overtime to keep TheBengalBrats and company cool.
Cool becomes relative when the air sears your lungs breathing… just breathing.
Lord help you if you were to say go for a walk.
Even the pool is uninviting to Pet, TMOTU and all the other assorted brats living
here at Clan-Campbell.

Tiggers foot rest

Tigger found a comfy foot to rest on.

Tigger looks a bit cranky!!!

Are NOT a bullfrog

SirWoody meanwhile was imitating a bull frog….

Sleeping the heat away

SonnyBob lays in comfort on his favorite furniture, sleeping the Hot day away.

Be sure to stop by iInfidel for this weeks CarnivalOfTheCats (COTC).
Enjoy The Carnival

2 thoughts on “Easy Like Hot Sunday”

  1. We have had the hot, too. WE were laughing at the news because every one is excited that it will be in the lower 90’s at the end of next week! Only in Texas!

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