Festival Of Chaos~Just Peachy


Welcome to the June 29, 2008 edition of bad kitty cats festival of chaos.
Life is just peachy!

brats planning session

First up, Babeth shares That cutest wake-up call posted at
House of Chaos, saying, “A biological
alarm clock… and it purrs !” Just so it dont bites too…..

Meanwhile Dragonheart tells all with Thursday Thirteen: El Destructo posted at
Dragonheart’s Domain.Sometimes
we get too much information….

Debra shows us why
Abbys Is Glad That It’s Finally Friday posted at

Shotze and Tigger have words

Irishcoda shows how ruling cats can be with
Finally Feline Friday: Kosmo, King of Zen posted at
This, That & The Other Thing.

Rahel ponders
Is This a RFOAC? posted at Elms in the Yard, saying, “To be or is it?!”

To many bosses

Mog shares a new technique for
Stretching posted at Mind of Mog.

Mog also falls for those Temptations posted at Mind of Mog.


CatSynth delivers some rather extreme feeding tips
catsynth.com mp3 kitty cat synthesizer music – Weekend Cat Blogging: Playfulness posted at catsynth.com mp3 kitty cat synthesizer music

Hmmmm.. Note to self …dont read that last entry to the Brats….

Mog gives us Caturday posted at iMeowza.
Mog shares yet another view of Caturday posted at iInfidel.

Alison McKnight shares the adventures of her new cat minnie with
Tips for Cats: How I Get Them To Wake Up and Feed Me posted at
Minnie the Cat.

Samantha Black and Tigger gave us a heart attack with this weeks entry!
We also have a Tigger, and Momma has that same quilt! She hadda check to make sure OUR Tigger was still here…WoW!!!!!
Bad Kitty Cat Festival of Chaos with Samantha and Mr. Tigger posted at
Life from a Cat’s Perspective.

Kashim & Othello have the maps laid out as they go strolling the streets visiting on
Easy like Sunday? posted at Kashim & Othello.Having furfriends visits is fun!

That’s all the Chaos we could find.. till next week, sleep late and hide the treats!

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