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Hello there! Elvira Mistress of Felinity here. I’m more than just a great looking feline, I’ll have you know! Bold, fresh, cuter than a speckled pup, and the most delightful 3 yr. old pussycat in the world! You can call me Miss Elvira for short; just don’t call me late for dinner, treats, a nap, or a snooze!

Opinionated_Pussycat guest post

My mentor, Mr. Nikita, is big, bold, smart and opinionated, the greatest teacher a young lady could ever ask for, and I now want to turn over the rest of this post to him….

Hello, felinity assembled, and friends of felines everywhere, I am 15 years old, with Maine Coon blood in my veins and I’ve been online since a kitten, blogging for a decade, now.

I want to thank Pet Campbell for inviting us to guest post on her wonderful blog. We are honored!

Our blog, The Opinionated Pussycat (formerly known as Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussycat), is proudly different than most you will encounter in the pet blogging niche, and I want to share some of what makes us so in the hopes of encouraging you to stop by, give us a look and tell your friends about us.

We are proud to be the leading host of the oldest pet blogging, weekly, showcase on the internet, Carnival of the Cats, which began in 2004 and will reach 500 editions in the fall.

This month is International Short Story Month and I am joining other brave writers, of the 2-legged sort, in doing “a short story a day in May”. Elvira and I write 100 and now, 200, word cat stories so I am on a creative journey to write 31 of them in a row.

The series begins here (Each story has a link to the next one):

A 100 Word Cat Story 9: Aubrey

Elvira and I are poets, storytellers, humorists, journalists , reviewers and commentators whose writing has gotten many compliments and who pose for our Daddy Kiril’s camera, also sharing the cat related photos he takes when he goes out and about where we live (Formerly southern California, now Houston, TX.).

Opinionated_Pussycat guest post also

With our help Daddy Kiril was a runner-up in the Purina Cat Chow Correspondent contest, and he will be representing us and our blog, later this month, in Va. at the Blog Paws Pet Blogging and Social Media Conference.

We write about a lot of cat related things, serious things, on our blog (We have 14 “Special Pages” of cat related resources, something unmatched among pet bloggers), but we are also very proud of the more creative side of what we do, and believe that those things would serve as a light-hearted way to introduce you to our world (the serious stuff can be very involving so we suggest taking one’s time if you are interested}.

Creative archives:

1. Creative Meowsings of a Poetic, and Storytelling, Pussycat

2. Creative Meowsings: 100 Word Cat Stories

3. Creative Meowsings: 200 Word Cat Stories

4. Seen & Heard: Critters With Cats on the Brain

5. Street Seens: Cats Outdoors, Thru the Daddy Cam

When you visit our blog, in the sidebar, you will see a category archive list, as well as a list of links to each of the “Special Pages”.
Our Blog =

Our Facebook Page, shared with Daddy Kiril:

Daddy’s Twitter = @KGkundurazieff

Daddy’s Blog Musings of a Mad Macedonian

Carnival of the Cats = (Submission details can be found here, and several hosts are still needed!)

7 thoughts on “Guest Post with The Opinionated Pussycats”

  1. Oh Nikita & Elvira it is so cool for you to have a guess post on Pet’s Garden Blog!! We are very excited to see you here! Pet & the Bengal Brats are so cool!!
    Your TX furiends,

  2. I’m very happy to see this and learn more about the two of you, Miss Elvira and Mr. Nikita! Katya is curled up next to me, pretending to be asleep. 😉

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