Natural Light-Photo Friday

On this Natural Light-Photo Friday SirWoody is one of those adorable Bengals that (please DON’T Tell Him)got dropped on his head as a kitten, or was born with a couple of things he’s short on… like brains.
SirWoody is a closet snuggler, which means… he sits and watches you until your asleep or close to, then bolts across the bed to snuggle… he includes a facial grooming for free.You can call his name and he will look at you with adorable expressions.. and plant his hiney like its in cement. But when you call his name and he thinks a treat might be involved, well he’s vocal… very vocal and fast.

BengalBrat SirWoody in the natural light.
SirWoody in Natural Light.

2 thoughts on “Natural Light-Photo Friday”

  1. Happy Birthday Sir Woody & Sonnybob. Don’t tell but we thinks Socks’ is a few cards short of a full deck. The silly boy will walk around in the rain and get soaking wet.

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