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9-11tribute~Jane Marie Orth

Jane Marie Orth

Jane Marie Orth, was on her way to her dream vacation in Australia following
her retirement, August, 2001, from Western Electric Company (later Lucent Technologies) in North Andover, Massachusetts.
Jane Marie was a lifelong area resident Jane Marie enjoyed theater productions and time spent with friends. A dedicated daughter, she and her mother would spend many afternoons together enjoying each others company.

A caring and loving mother, she would often travel to Calif. to visit her daughter-in-law and grandchildren Abigail J. and Michael H. Lancaster.

She will be remembered for her tremendous warm heart, outgoing personality and dedication and devotion to family and friends. She is sadly missed by all.

She is the daughter of the late James Iaci and survived by her mother Agatina (Amato) Iaci of Lawrence; the beloved mother of Michelle (Orth) and her husband Michael J. Lancaster of Carlsbad, Calif., Daniel J. Orth of Denver, Colorado, and Elizabeth Orth of Haverhill, MA.

Jane Orth was murdered during an jihadist terrorist attack on 9-11-2001 against American Airlines Flight #11. Flight 11 was used as a weapon to crash
into the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 8:46 AM, killing the 76 passengers and the 11 crew members.

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9-11tribute~Mildred Naiman

Mildred Naiman
Mildred Naiman

Mildred Naiman was a passenger on flight 11 on her way to California to visit two of her sons and their families. Having had knee replacement surgery shortly before her trip she was pushed through Boston’s Logan Airport in a wheelchair, she didn’t care! She was seeing her family and that meant everything to her.

Millie and her late husband, Otto, had three sons, Richard, William, and Russell, eight grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. At the time of Millie’s death, another great-grandchild was on the way.
Before retirement, Millie, who was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts, had worked as a tester at Western Electric Company (later Lucent Technologies) in North Andover, Massachusetts.
She was a widow with energy, refusing to let life’s loss or pain slow her down. She was the epicenter of action for most activities in her community.

Her son Russ said, “If something was wrong with her, she’d go to the doctor and say, ‘Fix me up; I’ve got a lot of traveling to do. ”
The Boston Herald on September 15, 2001 recounted that Millie, “swam daily, drove her elderly neighbors around – often too fast, according to relatives – and insisted on flying alone to visit her sons on the West Coast twice yearly.” The Herald spoke to her granddaughter, Heather Naiman. For years Millie had lived next door to her granddaughters, Heather and Hope, in Methuen.
Heather said that she “always spoke exactly what she thought at that exact time.” Like a good New Englander.

On September 10, 2008, Hope Naiman-Kea, wrote in the memory book for Mildred Naiman, telling her grandmother that she was now married and had a beautiful little boy. “I tell him about you all the time,” she writes. “I tell him what a wonderful grandmother you were.”
I am sure that her family celebrates the memories of a lifetime of love she created.
Mildred was murdered during an jihadist terrorist attack on 9-11-2001 against American Airlines Flight #11. Flight 11 was used as a weapon to crash into the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 8:46 AM, killing the 76 passengers and the 11 crew members.

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9-11 Nine Years Later

Nine years and tears beyond counting later, we remember that
it was only Nineteen men. Suicide members of a group called Al-Qaeda who were
Islamist terrorists that hijacked four commercial passenger jet airliners.

They were the catalyst that
united the hearts and souls of the American people.
It was an America transformed.

WTC Fireman Raising Flag

A United America. A country that proudly flew the flag that represents freedom.
A country that mourned and healed together.

Nine years later, apathy has risen it’s ugly head.
Discord, fear and mistrust abound.

I pray for a spark of unity in America, healing to those who have suffered loss.

A heart felt thank you to our hero’s and American troops fighting
paying the price for our freedom.

Keeping the evil and terror at bay.

We must Never Forget. We have a responsibility to remember.

The attackers that morning flew American Airlines Flight 11 into the north
side of the north tower of the World Trade Center at 8:46 a.m.

United Airlines Flight 175 crashed into the south tower At 9:03a.m.
Both towers collapsed.

American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon- Arlington County, Virginia at 9:37a.m.

The fourth hijacked plane, United Airlines Flight 93, crashed in a field in southwest Pennsylvania, at 10:03 a.m.

2,996 people died in these terrorist attacks.

Dale Roe organizes 2996, bloggers from around the world who write tributes and memorials to those who were murdered that September morning, nine years and a life time ago.

Please consider being involved. So we never do forget.

Project 2996

This is from Dale Roe’s Site 2996 if you haven’t signed up
Please do.

The Project in 2010
I have received several dozen emails over the past month, from past participants in Project 2,996, asking if I will be running the project again this year.

I’ll start by answering that question: Absolutely, yes.

However, now, and in the future, I’m planning on running the project a little bit differently. In the past, the focus has always been to randomly assign names to the participants, and to ask them to post their tributes, or remembrances, to their own websites on September 11 (often called a blogburst).

Starting now, my focus is to make sure that each name on the list has at least one tribute still active on the web. I’m going through past lists to try and find people who no longer have a tribute posted, and I’ll assign those names to new volunteers.

What is there for you to do?

1.Check back here. I’ll be posting lists of the victims whose links have expired, and who now have 0 tributes.
2.Write a new tribute. And send me the link. Try to send the URL of a page or permalink, instead of the main URL of your blog/site.
3.Keep your old tributes online. Remember, the goal is to get at least 1 for every name on the list.
4.Make sure the Current List (not yet posted) includes your past tributes. It’s certainly possible that I’ll mark a link as dead, by accident. If I’m wrong, tell me!
5.On, 9/11, make sure your tributes are on the front page of your site. But don’t change links you’ve already given me. Many participants, simply repost the same information in a new post.
6.Spread the word.
It may seem like I’m starting awfully late to do this all by 9/11/2010. But what I’m really doing is starting very early for 2011, the tenth anniversary.

9/11/10 marks 9 years since the attacks of World Trade Center I and II, The Pentagon, Shanksville, American Airlines Flights 11 & 77, and United Airlines Flight 93 & 175.

On that day 2,996 people were ripped from their lives. But as the media and society tend to do, they have focused on the killers. We’ve all learned more about them than we wanted to. On that day many of us made a pledge to never forget what happened.

From it’s beginning in 2006, Project 2,996 has always encouraged individuals with their own blogs or websites to learn about one or more of the victims, and to post that information on their own sites.

Sept 11~ No Denial Here

September 11, 2001: 2996 lives lost, eight years and millions of tears later, our hearts aching this unending loss, bittersweet memories.
We will Never forget nor forgive.


As the families of the 2996 murder victims put their lives back together
Healing I pray slowly year by year, we take today to remember.
We will never forgive, nor will we ever forget.

I would like to thank Dale Roe for his tireless efforts to honor
The 2996 who were brutally murdered on American soil.


I have the privilege to write about four of the people we lost that terrible day. Please take a moment and remember, and please pray for their families.

Scott Powell
First Officer Thomas McGuinness
Todd Beamer
James J. Straine
Farrell Lynch

God Bless you all, and God Bless America.