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I honestly can’t tell you what I dislike about moving,
There are so many choices….
But! I am so Blessed by TheBengalBrats.
About ten minutes of cussing by all three brats, was followed by about 6 hours of sleeping then voila, we were in our new home.
I was really worried about our psycho boy- SirWoody.
Amazingly he didn’t fuss at all!
God be praised is all I can say! After a short night, about 2 hours… we were back up to return the truck before 8am.

Ignore the boxes, there’s only a few left and I will get pictures hung. The Brats have their toys and are content
and happy.
Tigger sleeps, while SonnyBob uses toys to crash, upside down.

Two Brats

SirWoody sleeps on pillow toy.

Tired brat
Thank you all for bearing with us as life changed.

Brats Snuggle

We are three days from moving…The Bengal brats are having loads of fun with boxes and more boxes!

Nearly packed, with the Bengal brats retaining a great sense of humor. Pet’s humor is still lurking somewhere!

Meanwhile SonnyBob takes full advantage of his bro SirWoody as a foot rest!footrest brats
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Carnival Of The Cats On Sunday

Once again TheBengalBrats and Pet are hosting
Carnival Of The Cats Sunday, Mar 23 and it’s edition #523!
Thats a lot of Cats blogging!
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SonnyBob likes to lay with his head on things, or against things.
He demonstrates his technique like this.

SonnyBob the sleeper
Come join the fun!

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Be sure to enter!

sb012 We needed a smaller pic for the pet parade!