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Finally-Friday-SirWoody and SonnyBob

It’s Friday, and TheMasterOfTheUniverse(TMOTU)
is really sick. He has pneumonia and a kidney infection..
Prayers and purrs requested please.

SirWoody and SonnyBob

SirWoody and SonnyBob lay out in the sunshine
on Finally Friday.
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March 28, 2014   4 Comments

Carnival Of The Cats On Sunday

Once again TheBengalBrats and Pet are hosting
Carnival Of The Cats Sunday, Mar 23 and it’s edition #523!
Thats a lot of Cats blogging!
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SonnyBob likes to lay with his head on things, or against things.
He demonstrates his technique like this.

SonnyBob the sleeper
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sb012 We needed a smaller pic for the pet parade!

March 21, 2014   2 Comments

Easy Like Sunday- Sick

I intended to make this post this morning…
But! It didn’t happen because I’m sick.
Tigger and I shared a birthday on March 7th, he is eight and I am getting more grey…He got treats and toys.. I got well never mind!
I have been on antibiotics for 21 days, I’ve had a rotten sinus infection that has been dragging on an one, so our family doctor put me on a course of antibiotics, I now have all the symptoms of c-diff.
All I could think was not again!
So while we wait for lab confirmation, I am mostly hanging out. SirWoody shows his big green eyes and his tender heart.

soft eyes

March 16, 2014   1 Comment



SirWoody napping on Finally Friday!
It’s been another cold week here in central Florida, the weathermen keep promising a warm tomorrow, but if feels like another dreary day.
Pet and SirWoody are enjoying a cuddle with purrs and love.
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March 7, 2014   2 Comments


SonnyBob proclaims himself the one on Wordless Wednesday!

Showing off

March 5, 2014   2 Comments