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Rainy World Cat Day

It’s also Today is the 3rd Annual World Cat Day!.

Which the TheBengalBrats figure is worth at least
2 or 3 extra treats being world class brats… that is world
class BengalBrat cats.
Just Who Are The Bengal Brats?

SonnyBob at 32 pounds intimidates dogs, Not small dogs but large Kala and Loli size dogs.
His devious performances include stropping and loving, then whirling and bapping rapid fire, until the dog is cringing in a corner. He is a loving imp with people going to great lengths for additional attention.

He is a chow hound, and figures if his person TheMasterOfTheUniverse can eat it .. Well
he can and he Does. He is known to steal food off of your plate if you are less than vigilant.

Tigger at 31 pounds is a giant lover. He wants to be friends with other, cats, dogs, people, he simply gives everyone a chance. But hurt him once and he never forgets.


SirWoody is a lil guy at 17 pounds, he loves his brothers, Pet and TheMasterOfTheUniverse, everyone else sends him scrambling under the covers. In complete terror. After 7 yrs of love and more love, he has never been able to forget his horrid start.


Together they make our hearts complete as only TheBengalBrats can.

Summer Projects

We recently purchased a leather living room set, used but new to us.


SonnyBob also known as BuddaButt shows off his spread.

I could not find an ottoman that was anywhere close to the one we had to replace it, and to have a custom made cover was way out of our price range.I mentally cursed TheBengalBrats for being a pain in my ass and ruining perfectly wonderful furniture for using our furniture as scratching posts. It is IMPOSSIBLE to stop Bengal’s from scratching something once they start.

I have to add TheBengalBrats have two scratching posts, not just one, but they were adamant that the
furniture was just an extension of their posts…Anyway…

I casually mentioned to TheMasterOfTheUniverse that I had some experience as a teen helping one of my grandmothers doing upholstery. He thought that was a fricking brilliant idea, so off to JoAnne’s fabric I went.
In my hot little paws was a 40% off coupon good for 2 days, this being the second day and the coupon being a gift from my best friend who actually still gets a newspaper.

So after asking questions of the counter lady who knew and had forgotten more than I will ever know about fabric. I picked out a micro swede in Tan. Debated new scissors, purchased the material, forgetting to buy thread, because I was so excited about doing some sewing.

What pattern did I use? Well … there was no pattern, just an idea in my head of WHAT it should look like.
Here’s a hint, buy a pattern!

Ottoman stripped with top cover laid out.

It would have taken maybe 4 or 5 days, the way I am able to work to complete this project… But it took me nearly a month because I winged it. I had lot’s of fun tearing out seams and resewing things. I found out after I used rope to make the welt, that sewing centers actually sell welt in different widths.

Ottoman With Warp And Cover

Ottoman with band and double welt, attached to hemmed skirt.

All told though it came out pretty darn good.

Tuesday Musings

Life is not a bowl of cherries, big surprise there right?
But it is full of decisions, some hard, some easy.

TheMasterOfTheUniverse and I have faced some big BIG and tough
decisions in the last 3 years.They continue, but we are better prepared and informed these days.

Thankfully we had excellent medical care and doctors who really cared if Pet lived or died.

Bone infections are insidious, spinal bone infections are in addition
frustrating and aggravating.

For Me, (Pet) to commit to anything is almost impossible. I never know when I will be able to sit in the car, or truck. Or host a dinner, or simply meet friends for dinner.
Not FUN, hell most definitely hard to live with.
I give John mega points for his love and support. Truly I would
not have made it this far without him.

The brats are fine, fat and way sassy!

Brat Conferance
Three brats and a chat

A Camellia I planted 3 yrs ago, burst into color on Sunday,Tigger of course had to taste test it.
Apparently it passed as he continued to nibble whenever I put the squirt gun of terror away!

Spring camilas
Camilas for taste testing

SonnyBob is at a whopping 24 pounds, just 3 short of Tigger….
SirWoody is hanging in at 18 pounds.

Just try to cut SonnyBob back on anything… dare you!
SirWoody continues to amuse us with his silly forgetful moments..
oops.. that frig didnt use to be there did it?
Why are all the closet doors closed and SirWoody is on the inside?
I try but he slips one by me now and again!

And most of all dear friends thanks for dropping by. Pet and the brats intend to give you headsup much more often.
Pet and the BengalBrats