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Tummy Tuesday- SonnyBob

Pet wouldn’t say SonnyBob is fat, but she has to watch his stripes while he’s
moving to see if he’s walking or rolling.

SonnyBob does particapate in at least one lap of the daily
BengalBrats 500 race…which takes place daily beteewn 3 and 5 am
This is a house race which involves jumping on or over sleeping bodies,
jumping into and sliding with claws out of the tub..
and at least one rickoshay off the refrigerator.

SonnyBob maintains that a lack of snacks is a direct
contribution to his diminishing waist line.

Pet thinks that SonnyBob has an expanding waistline
due to excessive treats from TheMasterOfTheUniverse
who treats SonnyBob as his personal taste tester.
SonnyBob’s only comment “More Please”.

The Tummy Says It all...

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Rainy World Cat Day

It’s also Today is the 3rd Annual World Cat Day!.

Which the TheBengalBrats figure is worth at least
2 or 3 extra treats being world class brats… that is world
class BengalBrat cats.
Just Who Are The Bengal Brats?

SonnyBob at 32 pounds intimidates dogs, Not small dogs but large Kala and Loli size dogs.
His devious performances include stropping and loving, then whirling and bapping rapid fire, until the dog is cringing in a corner. He is a loving imp with people going to great lengths for additional attention.

He is a chow hound, and figures if his person TheMasterOfTheUniverse can eat it .. Well
he can and he Does. He is known to steal food off of your plate if you are less than vigilant.

Tigger at 31 pounds is a giant lover. He wants to be friends with other, cats, dogs, people, he simply gives everyone a chance. But hurt him once and he never forgets.


SirWoody is a lil guy at 17 pounds, he loves his brothers, Pet and TheMasterOfTheUniverse, everyone else sends him scrambling under the covers. In complete terror. After 7 yrs of love and more love, he has never been able to forget his horrid start.


Together they make our hearts complete as only TheBengalBrats can.