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Tuesday Musings

Life is not a bowl of cherries, big surprise there right?
But it is full of decisions, some hard, some easy.

TheMasterOfTheUniverse and I have faced some big BIG and tough
decisions in the last 3 years.They continue, but we are better prepared and informed these days.

Thankfully we had excellent medical care and doctors who really cared if Pet lived or died.

Bone infections are insidious, spinal bone infections are in addition
frustrating and aggravating.

For Me, (Pet) to commit to anything is almost impossible. I never know when I will be able to sit in the car, or truck. Or host a dinner, or simply meet friends for dinner.
Not FUN, hell most definitely hard to live with.
I give John mega points for his love and support. Truly I would
not have made it this far without him.

The brats are fine, fat and way sassy!

Brat Conferance
Three brats and a chat

A Camellia I planted 3 yrs ago, burst into color on Sunday,Tigger of course had to taste test it.
Apparently it passed as he continued to nibble whenever I put the squirt gun of terror away!

Spring camilas
Camilas for taste testing

SonnyBob is at a whopping 24 pounds, just 3 short of Tigger….
SirWoody is hanging in at 18 pounds.

Just try to cut SonnyBob back on anything… dare you!
SirWoody continues to amuse us with his silly forgetful moments..
oops.. that frig didnt use to be there did it?
Why are all the closet doors closed and SirWoody is on the inside?
I try but he slips one by me now and again!

And most of all dear friends thanks for dropping by. Pet and the brats intend to give you headsup much more often.
Pet and the BengalBrats


By Dan Bode

It was indeed a Silent and Holy night.

There was little left to do but watch. The animals had long since fallen asleep. The small town activities had for the most part ceased, and those who still escaped the realm of dreams were oblivious to the occasion to which they were not witness. Most were merely puzzled by the Star never seen before even though it seemed to hover right over this little town of Bethlehem, a town whose very existence was based on the industry of providing sacrificial lambs for the temple in Jerusalem.

The only sounds were the moans of a young, soon-to-be mother in the final hours of a labor that had begun in the Garden so long ago. The will of her body was overcome by the need of the moment as contraction after contraction contorted her features with pain. But she had known this was out of her control from the moment she became aware of His presence.

The only other person aware of the import of this moment is the man at her side. The one on whose shoulders fall the responsibility of helping to bring into this world He who will be the Flesh of God.

All the questions that race through their minds are pushed aside as the symphony of the birthing process reaches its crescendo, and suddenly the Life of Man is Present in this world.

I find myself envious of their perspective. They were there at the beginning, and all they knew of the child at that moment was the name of His Father and His role as Savior of the world. They could take joy in the grasping hands and the baby’s laughter.

I, on the other hand, have the historical perspective as well.

I can look back at His birth, and look back at His death as well.

And there lies the difference..

I cannot see the newborn babe without the grown man on the cross.

I cannot see the grasping hands without the nails piercing His flesh.

I cannot see the smooth brow without the thorns.

What I can see is the mercy of our maker.

Some would say we deserve only His pity for what we’ve done with what He’s given us, but pity is merely mercy without action, and God can never be described as complacent.

He has always been active in His love for us, even undeserving as we are. And because of all this I will always see the whole life of Christ as the Great Substitution. Completely undeserved.

Undeserved by Christ for suffering penalties not meant for Him.

Undeserved by me for being unable to make the necessary sacrifice.

It took so long for me to discover that I truly needed a Savior.

And so I sit as the world goes by around me; almost everyone once again oblivious to the occasion to which they are not witness.

So, into this Silent and Holy Night I have these three things to say:

God have mercy.

Joy to the world when you recognize your Lord.

Happy Birthday Jesus!


Copyright 2002 Dan Bode ( http://www.thoughts-of-dan.blogspot.com ).

Busy Days

It has been a busy couple of days here at the Bengal Brats home..
Pet saw a neurosurgeon “DocC” yesterday, the interview and exam, discussion took more than 4 hours, talk about getting the most out of your insurance co pay!

The new “DocC” Abides in Gainesville, so it was a bit of a drive that I’m proud to say I handled well.
TheMasterOfTheUniverse and I were fairly impressed by this “DocC’s” knowledge and willingness to answer all our questions.

shotke the beautiful

Click for full sized photo.

I was darn glad that I had been able to do some research into spinal infections as well as

The upshot was this” DocC” agreed with the infectious disease doc that getting the spinal infection under control is the primary issue. The plan is currently that I continue on
(An increased) dose of vancomycin until doc gets the results of yet another MRI to be done next Tuesday.

So today was a good day.. Tears were minimal, and the hint of laughter almost occurred when Shotze fell off the cat house

SonnyBob The Bully

Click for full sized photo.

I didn’t lash out at any one, a miracle by itself in my life, given all the crap that has happened.
It has become clear to me I have run off nearly all my friends.
I cannot apologize enough for this.

Perhaps the Brats and TMOTU will be my new and complete world.

That would be ok, because I know where the love is.