TeaCup.. Get After it!

To everyone that has donated stuff, or bid on the auctions, a very heartfelt thank you.
And if ya haven’t bid yet.. Get after it!

Bengal brat SonnyBob

Can you hear me saying help my friend TeaCup pretty please?

I know Megan and The Bad kitty’s appreciate your help!

Joining in auctions, fundraising is:

Missy and KC and their Mama ML have given of their hearts to also hold an Auction for TeaCup as well.
ML has dug into her Prized Vintage Stash of Fabric and they are so adorable.

A rose for TeaCup from The Bengal brats and TheMasterOfTheUniverse
And pet.

Lilly Lu with a Pink Spotted Bandana, to bid go here

The Cat Blogosphere is joining in as well, Mom Robyn and her Kitty Cats Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, Pepi and Gree are accepting donations, to help all our furry friends in need.

It’s very humbling to be a part of such caring and giving people.

Drop by Weekend Cat Blogging to be hosted for the 100th Edition at A Byootiful Life.

Michelle at When Cat’s Attack will be hosting the 163rd Carnival of the Cats.

Please do drop in and pass some scritches around for Betsy and Pepper and Miya. And make sure you wish Michelle and Adam congratulations on their recent marriage.

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