The Carnival Of Cat’s Is Coming!!

The Legendary and Fun Carnival Of The Cat’s is coming to visit on Sunday May 5th. We are all kinds of excited to be hosting once again.
Remember “All your cats r belong to us”
Sonny Bob is showing off his house snake..

SB Snake
SonnyBob’s House Snake

Tigger is Stretching those big muscles..

Tigger getting ready for the carnival.
Tigger Stretches those BIG muscles

SirWoody is hunkered down …

Deep thinking BengalBrat
SirWoody Hunkers down in thought.

TheBengalBrats are ready to host an exciting Carnival!!!
We Can’t wait!! And MORE fun is to be had on Sunday
with TheCatBlogoSphere hosting The Cinco De May Blogosphere Bash!!!!!!!

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