Think carefully

Think about this carefully.

According to the alert notice posted on the FDA website Friday, the agency has so far taken 750 samples of wheat gluten and products made with wheat gluten and found 330 positive for melamine or melamine combined with another substance. (Note: This mystery substance is not revealed)
It also found 27 positives out of 85 samples of rice protein concentrate and products made with rice protein concentrate.

All of the samples that tested positive were imported from China.

“I don’t believe it has reached such a serious stage that human food is at risk,” Wu Yongning, Deputy Director of the National Institute of Nutrition and Food Safety, part of China’s Ministry of Health, said in Beijing. “Problems occur in all countries.”

“Generally speaking, American consumers should not worry too much,” said Luo Yunbo, Head of the Food Science and Nutrition Engineering Institute at China’s Agricultural University in Beijing. “We select the best products for the international markets.”

Excerpt from transcript of FDA/USDA media teleconference providing an update on adulterated feed to poultry and hogs Washington, D.C.—may 1, 2007

DR. PETERSEN: On the breeder end, currently the estimated numbers we’re working off of is around 100,000 breeders that are waiting to be depopulated. (Yes that means they are going to kill them, and either burn or bury them.)

REPORTER: How much does, how many – can you give me kind of an idea of what that is of the total market for the year or anything like that?
DR. PETERSEN: Well, for breeders, what we call a heavy fowl, let me just, off the cuff, probably, total heavy fowl slaughter I would say would be several million.
REPORTER: Okay. And as far as the broilers?
DR. PETERSEN: I’m sorry? Say it again?
REPORTER: How many of the broilers are expected to have eaten the feed and gone out into process?
DR. PETERSEN: That’s the working number is several million, in the range of 2.5 to 3 million.
REPORTER: 3 million broiler chickens?
See entire article..
We Americans may be a bunch of lazy whatever’s.. But lazy does not equal stupid.
And we care about our families and our pets.

Something The USDA and FDA have not noticed.

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