WCB~Caturday Afternoon

********It’s a beautiful,hot hot day…after a bit of a nap, Ill do one more update!*********

It’s a rainy dreary kinda day here at Pet’s Garden,
TheBengalBrats all slept late,
then had a hissy fit when they realized they had not posted anything yet!

TheMasterOfTheUniverse has spent the day purchasing a new riding mower
so he has been unavailable for snuggles…

Our friend Rosa, who lives over halfway across the world from Switzerland, blogs at Rosa’s Yummy Yums.
Rosa besides being a very talented chef, is also a pretty fine photographer!
She caught this stunning pose to share with us!


Maruschka is pretty as a picture!

 SonnyBob Waits

SonnyBob is waiting for your entries to come in!

Samantha and Mr. Tigger our neighbors here in Florida are hosting TheCarnivalOfTheCats this weekend..
Samantha took a moment out of their busy day, to share a dispute.. with her(mostly~always) beloved Mr.Tigger.


The BengalBrats understand hissing and whapping then cuddles and purrs.. cause it happens all the time amongst us..
We are glad to know our Florida friends are normal after all….

HotMBC is sharing some delightful pics.. go peek! Ummm ******Spew Alert for some of those pics*****

 butts in yer face

Happy belated Fun Purrthday to Sol, BJ, & Smokey, and Samantha Black!
And our purrthdays are tomorrow! Woo!( ThebengalBrats wish all a happy belated birthday,and wish we had kept up on this better!)
Hendrix could still use some purrs for his infection.He is getting all the beans attention this weekend.. unlike us.. the poor neglected brats…
Pet tried to wapp us for that comment,but we was to fast for her.. ha!

Amar proves beyond a doubt that Luna Loves that new snuggles and nip..for a look at a cat on nip
check out Amar’s video of Luna…. Priceless!

 Lunas new snuggles

Kashim & Othello need some advice soemthing reeel strange happened at our home today!Othello is maybe just a bit grumpy cause his teeth hurts also..an introoooder can shake life up a bit.. so chill out..SonnyBob was the same way when Shotze came to live here..
He was awful, bapping,hissing,more bapping.. then one day, when Shotke was much stronger.. he turned around and wap,wap,wapped SonnyBob back, now they is best friends..

Also now SirWoody is jealous of the friendship between, SonnyBob and Shotke.

Tigger is not to impressed by having HIS own personal bed space stolen by shotke who may ever be know at “that intruder Shotke Bengal Brat”…

 trouble with new friends

Kits from masek-masek is a tad bit grumpy too..
but not from his teeth..or an intruder..
He did not appreciate being woken from his nap…TheBengalBrats agree its hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk…
Maybe a nice cool shower will help Kit feel better?

grumpy but adoreable

Moki is getting stronger and has decided not to cooperate with his aqua therapy
on his forth visit.. Go visit Moki!

not a happy moki

Miz Mog is gearing up for that ever fun Festival-Of-Chaos!
Bazel, Keefe, and the squillion show the proper way to approach a festival of this cosmic chaos making!

getting ready for chaos

China Cat went on an adventure of the snuggle kind..
Willow was sure suprised to see this adorable face!
getting cuddly

Thanks to all who participated in this weeks edition of Weekend Cat Blogging!
Next weeks host is HotMBC ~Special Food Edition in honor of Sher of What Did You Eat

Have a Blessed week.

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Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos is Sunday with Miz. Mog and Kitties
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The Carnival of the Cats is being hosted bySamantha Black & Mr. Tigger
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For all the Cat news, that is news drop by The Cat Blogosphere

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