Wordy Wed.Hacked And Mad

This Wordy Wednesday Finds Pet and TheBengalBrats upset and just plain old mad.

Tigger Hiding After Being Hacked

I am careful with passwords, I update regularly..
yet somehow someone hacked into my system and posted hundreds of awful… make you wanna step in cold cat vomit type links.. Yep, that’s how bad they were.

Bluehost taught me a valuable lesson some months back that has had me downloading backups on a bi-weekly basis.. They actually suggest weekly but that’s a lot of space to take up. So I was able to restore back to
Early Dec.

Lesson learned Never allow someone you don’t know make a guest post.

I can’t prove it.. I even questioned her… or him as the case may be.. even though I had a bad feeling about it… I was trying to be nice, and help someone out…..

Well Tigger was so upset he hid in the laundry basket. SirWoody climbed under the comforter and SonnyBob curled as close as possible to TheMasterOfTheUniverse. Not a way to start a happy day.

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