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Photo Friday-Flowering

I made the decision last year not to trim the under oak azaleas, not remembering that they grow so fast….
I was so disappointed when I couldn’t get close enough to see the azaleas, let alone get close ups…
So the azaleas will get massively trimmed this year!

Flowering azaleas

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March 21, 2014   2 Comments


SirWoody poses pretty handsomely
for this weeks photo-friday challenge “Male”.

Double click photo for full view.

SirWoody Male

February 21, 2014   1 Comment


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February 15, 2014   1 Comment

Photo Friday-Female

This Photo Friday “Female” finds LoliTheBigBlackdog and Tigger, TheBengalBrat hanging out Loli dozing while Tigger cleans her ears.We get to keep for the week!
Then she goes back home with her momma the daughter J!

Loli an Tig
Lolithebigblackdog and Tigger TheBengalBrat.

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January 31, 2014   1 Comment

The Big City-Photo Friday

Something rarely seen in The Big City, grandfather oaks with streaming Spanish moss.
Enjoy more Photo Friday.


December 14, 2013   1 Comment