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Carnival Of The Cats Edition 498

Welcome to the 498th edition of The Carnival Of The Cats!
It’s always great fun to host this carnival!


“When you come upon your cat, deep in meditation, staring thoughtfully at something that you can’t see, just remember that your cat is, in fact, running the universe.” - Missycat

Strange Ranger
kicks off this with carnival round up with Maddie acquiring a new Super Power!
She is now a COMBAT DROOLER!! Here she models her bandage following a miserable vet stay. We hope the vet is is right and she continues to get better! Treats and brushies are said to be following the ickiness of medicines.


“The difference between cats and dogs is that dogs come when called and cats take a message and get back to you.”

Cokie The Cat has a marvelous give away going the Emmy Awards Celebrity Swag Giveaway No. 1, be sure to drop by and enter! Or just drop in and say hello!

“How you behave toward cats here below determines your status in Heaven.” - Robert A. Heinlein

Animal Shelter Volunteer Life share three of the many adorable cats that need homes.These three are up a tree!! The ASVL does amazing work!
One of the saddest things I can imagine is to abandon a Cat Family Member. These Cats are loved and cared for, just lacking a home. Give your feline family extra hugs today!

Rascal and Rocco’s mom is focusing on “Monday Matters”. Highlighting ways to pitch in,
simple acts, random acts of kindness we can do to pay it forward today. A great idea, and one we will be following. This week “Where do all the pets go who’s homes have been destroyed by disaster?”
Certain to spark ideas and help!

Kiril joins us with the news he met Chandra Flores, the human who cares for Samantha, Clementine and Maverick, of the blog Life from a Cat’s (and 1 Dog!) Perspective. He also discovered a cute cat gift and toy store Fat Cat Flats.

There is also an update on Nikita, with perhaps some answers for his weight loss.

“Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this.” - Terry Pratchett


Thanks for joining Pet and TheBengalBrats, Tigger, SonnyBob, and SirWoody for the 498th edition of the COTC’s. As always, if I have erred or forgotten anyone please drop me a note. petcampbel(at)gmail (dot) com.

For Cat Bloggers the Carnival is a chance to discover blogs, catch up with critters and just have fun.
Submissions can be sent to: carnivalofthecats(at)gmail.com
The Carnival Home Page, with an archive of past Carnivals, FAQ’S, and more, is HERE.

Photo Friday-On The Road

This week’s Photo Friday involves finding and traveling The Road!!
Tigger climbs to the “Look Out Tower” scoping out just Where
The darn road is, so he can follow it!

On The Road is this week’s Photo Friday challenge. Visit and Enjoy!!!
Also be sure to jump on the Friday Ark.
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