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Photo Friday-On The Road

This week’s Photo Friday involves finding and traveling The Road!!
Tigger climbs to the “Look Out Tower” scoping out just Where
The darn road is, so he can follow it!

Tigger's On Da Tower!!

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Shed Much?

Bengal Cats have a fine undercoat that sheds bunches and I mean like allot!
I was at kmart the other day to pick up a couple pairs of shorts for TheMasterOfTheUniverse
who is a big crybaby and won’t wear them who feels it’s not manly to wear shorts.

Anyway, I ended up on the whats new in the toys department for bored Bengals, which
the BengalBrats are NOT, but I am always aware there’s a chance they MIGHT get bored.
I saw this cool shedding tool called “Furgopet” and figured it might work and if it didn’t being kmart I could return it. I could not resist it.
Of course I put it in their cupboard and forgot it was there until yesterday…

It has paid off in pounds of hair.
This pile is from SonnyBob, I gotta say he still is gonna be called BuddaButt.
He may have lost a zillion hairs but he is still a BIG Bengal. Just Saying.

Tigger checks out the kazillion hairs removed from his brother, SonnyBob.. err BuddaButt….

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Feline Friday~TS Fay

Tigger being the biggest, boldest and most handsomest and bravest
biggest and smartest man-cat,
has been in charge of fretting about whether it’s a hurricane
or a tropical storm, cause no one seemed to be able to decide.

Now that it’s still officially a tropical storm and no one has changed their minds
about it in the last 24 hours, Tigger has calmed down a lil bit.

Tigger and SonnyBob are here discussing the latest news on that silly tropical storm Fay
as it finally on Feline Friday leaves Florida!

They are also hoping that the power doesn’t go back out, (like it did yesterday)

cause that generator makes to much noise. It seriously interferes with a Bengal Cats ability to sleep.

 Fay go away

Click photo for full sized image.

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Feline Friday~SirWoody

SirWoody who was rudely interrupted woken gently from his nap, to make the announcement that some of The Bengal Brats will be hosting the Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos Edition 36. (Optional theme toes or claws.)

****And that does not mean that you Brats need to practice shredding with your claws till the Festival either****Pet

Its friday

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Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos Edition 36 3-16-08
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