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The Carnival of the Cats Edition #523

Pet and TheBengalBrats are delighted to once again host
The Carnival of the Cats today, Mar 23 and it is Edition #523. Submit your catblogging post to the handy BlogCarnival submission form or email to carnivalofthecats(at)gmail.com.
The Carnival Of The Cats still needs hosts, please drop by and sign up!
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One of the many fun things about hosting the carnival is that you get to meet new bloggers as well as catch up with old friends.

Starting this weeks carnival is John at StrangeRanger seeking medical (head cold )advice from what Ivy would have said.
“(Ivy) Here. You just relax in the papasan like this. Have a nap. I’ll show you how.”


“Versus Maddie with Eeewwww! Gross! Blow your nose elsewhere! GERMS!! Plague! Contamination! While cuddling and staying close.”

Rascal and Rocco are wondering If Your Pet Is Excessively “Fluffy”? #HillsPet. Get a free cat food or dog food weight loss and management starter pack!
Giveaway details

rascal and rocco
“Mom Leah says the boys were pretty darn healthy and fluffy when she adopted them! With healthier food and lots more exercise, once they were outside of the shelter, they thinned down to a healthy weight.”

CatSynth sent along a lovely photo of a Cat teenager with a engineering-op-1 Synthesizer. I’m hoping that I got that right!

Brians Home is up next with a hint of spring.

Brian and Gracie

“Brian says our whiffie time is being greatly rationed.
Seriously, so my T.G.I.F. for today is Twas Good, Isn’t Frequent”!!!

Also at Brians Home is sister Dolly with her favorite white textured blankie, its more better cause it’s her daddy’s.

Dolly with her fav blanket!

Next Up is Animal Shelter Volunteer Life
Tessa, sweet, petite and beautiful lady, enjoying an extra-comfy easy on her favorite perch. We bet she’s dreaming about finding a loving forever home.
We wish we knew someone to adopt her!

tessa cat
Tessa Purring For A Home!

Kiril sends these from The Opinionated Pussycat. Houston We Have a Problem 3: Too Cute Headline Accompanies Serious Article
(*Has a link to part 4 at the end*)

Street Seens 82: Stray Cats? Can You Tell?

FNN SPECIAL REPURRT: Time and Money – Blog Paws Surveys Pet

Thanks for Joining us this week for the Edition #523
of The COTC’s.
If I have missed anything, or you have a concern, contact me at petcampbel(at)gmail dot com.
Have a Blessed Week!

March 23, 2014   1 Comment

Carnival of the Cats-515 Edition

Welcome to the 515th COTC’s.
First an apology, this should have been done yesterday,
Carnival day is Sunday-Not Monday!
Due to the arrival of a rather nasty virus, Pet could barely get out of bed… Let alone post.
So again my apologies.
The purpose of the COTC’s is to introduce new bloggers and to catch up to other bloggers.
The Carnival has been around since God’s cat was a kitten!
Or some such!
We cordially invite bloggers old and new to join us!

Submissions can be sent to: carnivalofthecats(at)gmail.com

The Carnival Home Page, with an archive of past Carnivals, the Line-up for 2014, FAQ’S, and more, is HERE.

It’s a short carnival this week, starting with
the Lovely Sasha at BriansHomeBlog.
Sasha is smitten with a new bed!


Samantha & Clementine are excited that their mom, Miss Chandra got to met Kiril at their First Official Visit to Elvira and Sneakers.


Moving on Too StrangeRanger Like cat, like human, both suffering from a lack of motivation!


Kiril submits from The Opinionated Pussycat, It’s a Mystery: Unusual Item Found in Cat’s Collar.

A 20 lb., 10 yr., old Maine Coon now named Laurel sits at the Greenville County Pet Rescue in South Carolina. Though wearing an unusual collar, Laurel didn’t have tags. He did, however, have an unusually tiny Teacup Chihuahua pup in a pocket in the collar.
Hmmm… Kiril links to a photo of a guy and dog, twice.
Not sure what the cat looks like, or the pup either!

Also from The Opinionated Pussycat, Organizing the Cat Book Collection a Piece of Cake!

Sneakers got set a mighty task and accomplished it with help!

And last but not least, it was an Upside Down New Year
for Tigger at Petsgardenblog.com

Last weeks Carnival was at The Opinionated PussyCat. Next weeks carnival is hosted at
Mind of Mog

Thanks for joining us!
As always if I have made an error, please contact me at petcampbel(at)gmail(dot com).
Have a Blessed week!

January 27, 2014   2 Comments

Carnival Of The Cats #507


Welcome to The Carnival Of The Cats, #507.
Pet, Tigger, SonnyBob and SirWoody welcome you.
For us Cat Bloggers, the Carnival is a chance to discover blogs we might never have heard of, on subjects of all kinds!

Submissions can be sent to: carnivalofthecats(at)gmail.com
The Carnival Home Page, with an archive of past Carnivals, the Line-up for 2013, FAQ’S, and more, is HERE.
The Carnival of the Cats needs hosts for next year!
Contact Mog, to host YOUR Carnival edition(s) at

Nissy and Seville change time

Seville and Nissy change forever how pie is made- They HOPE!!!

miss sneakers and elvira share a joke

Kiril goes shopping, Elvira pulls Miss Sneakers paws.

miss sneakers plays

Elvira Mistress of Felinity thinks Miss Sneakers should have been named Fido! Because she may be part retriever!

Gracie is very sick

Purrs and purrayers for the kitties at Brian’s
Home, especially Gracie
It’s been a tough week and weekend.

Katya Selfie shows off her best feature.

At Marian Allen’s Blog
#Caturday Katya Up Close and Personal!

Life From A Cat's Perspective

Happy Thanksgiving to All Our Furiends and
Family! From Life From A Cat’s Perspective

Happy Birthday, Luna.

CatSynth celebrates a birthday Happy Birthday Luna!

Maverick and Clementine

Life from a Cat’s Perspective, Wordless Wednesday with Samantha and Clementine.

maddie in drawer

The last but by far not the least!
It’s Been a While…since Maddie has gotten into the
the sock drawer!

Thanks for joining us today for the 507th edition of The Carnival Of The Cats.
To host your carnival go here.

December 1, 2013   4 Comments

COTC’s 501 Ed.

Welcome to The Carnival Of The Cats 501st edition.
Pet, and TheBengalBrats, Tigger, SonnyBob and SirWoody thank you for joining us!
Pet and family have the flu, and are not to much fun right now, so accept our apologies for a small carnival!
As Kiril says “For Cat Bloggers the Carnival is a chance to discover blogs we might never have heard of, on subjects of all kinds!

Submissions can be sent to: carnivalofthecats(at)gmail.com

The Carnival Home Page, with an archive of past Carnivals, the Line-up for 2013, FAQ’S, and more, is HERE .

This week’s edition is about “Best Posts”.

Starting this week’s Carnival is

Nerissa from Caterwauling

Nerissa as she cry’s in horror “Not This Again!” Her folks are at it with the Caterwauling Again! Drop by for a funny blog entry!

Rascal and Rocco
Rascal and Rocco are worried abut hens, and doing something about it.

As we have certainly learned, simple is ofttimes better.
Maddie “Enjoy a cat, fully recovered from her ordeals, relaxed, fed and happy.”
After everything this wonderful girl has been through. It’s a simple miracle.

Nikita retires

Over at the opinionated pussycat there is a shift of power..
Nikita Announces His Retirement: Elvira to Take the Reins.

Katya Graymalkin enjoys the fruits of the kitchen while wrestling drop cloths for her people.. very tongue in cat humor, for a caturday!

Thanks for Joining us for the 501st edition of the COTC’s.
As alway’s if I have missed something or gotten something incorrect. Drop me a note at petcampbel(at)gmail.(com)
Have a Blessed Week!

October 20, 2013   1 Comment

Heavenly-Photo Friday

SirWoody is the BengalBrat focal point in today’s
Heavenly Photo Friday.

SirWoody on Photo Friday

October 18, 2013   1 Comment