Carnival of the Cats….Edition 204

Posted by pet | Carnivals | Sunday 10 February 2008 6:09 pm

Welcome to the 204th edition of The Carnival Of The Cats!
As you can see you have the undivided attention of all three Brats.

How sweet it can be! JB and Ben make an gorgeous couple Sharing catnip pillows is a excellent idea!

Rob commented “This is not necessarily a fitting post for your carnival. Once the
project starts, each day I will recognize a fellow blogger that “Helped”.
The Brats disagree.. we think it is a very fitting post and a wonderful idea!

Robyn shares some photos that prove the old patterns and stripes rules do apply!

Blog d’Elisson shows off some very blue eyes with Thursday catblogging: morning chair. Why BEWARE?
Yogurt isnt safe…

Russ shares with us the ongoing saga with poor Mycah
We are just glad that it is treatable!

Perfectly Parker tells us why kitty’s get verrrrrrry cranky.. and need a clean upwith Formerly Feral Friday.

A Cat In A hat err Basket shows that what is a perrfect fit for one kitty, is a very small space for another…

Blueberry shares Purrsday Night - Laptop SirWoody got scaredy catted by that look…

It doesnt take cat nip, or loud purring.. just some oh so awesome skritching to Make a Lady Happy.

KT Cat admits that The Maximum Leader has made great strides in routine human training, The Morning Routine.
What is it about at 3 am?

LabCat gives us Friday Cat Blogging: Shelf Edition A purrrfect blend…

A cry in the dark is a gripping story, with a mystifying ending.

Cheysuli continues to rally support while once again stating her position, on well everything. With Meezer Monday: Pre Super Tuesday Rally for Cheysuli

Be warned its pretty spooky looking….Friday catblog: Please identify

Get the tunes from rawhide firmly placed in your mind.. then go meet Stripes, Guest Cat SonnyBob is howling the tune over and over

Kate, Rico,Sawyer,Rafe, Charley and Rhett (where is Scarlett?) star in this lovely movie
Lost Kittens and The Others

LOL Cat Bible: Lectionary Readings for the First Sunday in Lent

Did the Mardi Gras Dog Parade 2008 create a feeling of confusion.. Perhaps that EEEKKKK
a Cat could come second place in someone’s affection? Inquiring minds want to know!

Luna should be modeling something in these great shots.. Embracing Modernism
well dugh Tigger! She is modeling her own sleek self!

Cato has suffered rather dramatically and needs our help….Cato for President: Mr. extra fecstra-licious thing

The Mad Macedonian proves once again that long term confusion.. just hangs on with
Tales From The Litter Box: Welcome to My Memories Then shares Maximus a tear jerker,maybe…

Kosmo admits to an obsession.. Tigger thinks Dr. Phil should NOT be consulted…
Feline Saturday: Obsessed with plastic as well as announcing some new(how very wonderful of you to do this) family.

Beezer shares posies and love of sweet friends with Valentine’s Day

Gypsy and Tasha - Easy like Sunday, how wonderful to have best friend grooming brothers.

Dragonheart plays hard with his new brother Merlin, and some cat grass..Easy Like Sunday Morning: Enjoying Cat GrassDragonheart knows what tomorrow will bring for Merlin….

Maddie and Ivy enjoy the sunshine seperately in Same Sun

Mog starts her offerings with Wordless WednesdayThen shares Tummy Tuesday #78Meowza and Cece share their adorable tummys. Moving on to
It’s Mancat Monday Then a sad farewell to Tig, who crossed the Rainbow bridge

With a swish and a flush is Jaki with toilet training your cats Tigger didnt much care for the “evil minds” remark….

Friday Cat Blogginga roundup for weekend cat blogging.

Mind of Mog hosts next weeks Carnival of the Cats

A great big hugh thanks to all who particaped in this weeks Carnival!

As always, please drop me an email if I missed you ! pet(at)petsgardenblog dot com