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Jan 30 2008

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Wednesday Hero~SSgt. Justin R. Whiting

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SSgt. Whiting Extra Image -

SSgt. Justin R. Whiting
SSgt. Justing R. Whiting
27 years old from Hancock, New York
3rd Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne)
January 19, 2008

Staff Sgt. Justin R. Whiting, a Special Forces medical sergeant sustained fatal wounds when his vehicle was struck by an improvised explosive devise 16 kilometers south of Mosul, Iraq.

He is survived by his mother, Estelline, of Colorado Springs, Colo., father, Randall, of Hancock, N.Y., sister, Amanda, of DuPont, Wash., and brother Nathan of Dover, Tenn.

For more information on SSgt. Justin Whiting, you can download this PDF file.

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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Jan 28 2008

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Showcase Number 97

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Welcome to the January 29, 2008 edition of new blog

Thank you all for participating.

Matt M presents Picking up the Poop posted at
The Pet Haven saying,
“The harmful health effects of leaving dog poop behind.”

Warren Wong presents
How To Overcome Fear And The Obstacles It Creates posted at
Personal Development for INTJs, saying, “Are there things you are afraid of? Here’s
how to overcome your fears, permanently, and overcome all the
obstacles that fear creates.”

Millionaire Mommy Next Door presents How I Became a Millionaire While Working In My Pajamas posted
at Millionaire Mommy
Next Door
, saying, “From minimum wage to millionaire, here’s
the story of my entrepreneurial journey.”

Jody presents
The Trinity Project - Blog
posted at The Trinity Project.

naturegirl presents
What’s the difference between Chinese and Japanese
posted at Chinese Help, saying,
“This blog can help all those interested in learning

Renae presents

Bored of Amusement
posted at Life Nurturing Education, saying, “This is my blog about home education
where I share the challenges, joys, and thoughts that go into
living life while teaching three children.”

Heather Scoville presents
Electronic Teaching Portfolios-Part 1 posted at
Education Inventory,
saying, “Thanks for this opportunity!”

Luke Houghton presents

Does it pay to do the right thing?
posted at
Luke Houghton, saying, “This is a
new an exciting blog for smart people who want to learn.”

Daily Idea presents

How to Provide Good Customer Service
posted at
Daily Idea, saying, “A post about
customer service, from a new video show blog.”

Rob presents

Internet Neuromarketing » Blog Archive » Vivid
Testimonials Matter
posted at
Internet Neuromarketing,
saying, “Vivid testimonials help close sales online”

Marco Richter presents
it is mine
posted at

Doris Chua presents
posted at A
Meeting Place for All Home Office Women

Todd Goldfarb presents
Welcome to
We The Change
posted at
We The Change, saying, “hey
there- brand new blog, thanks for doing this ;)”

allanGEE presents

Buying Used Dirt Bike
posted at
Dirt Bike Blogger.

Sarakastic presents

That was the best they could come up with?
posted at
Technology Princess, saying,
“Everything I need to know I learned from TV”

Alfonso Crawford presents
Get A
posted at
Valhalla TV, saying, “This
is my second post at Valhalla TV. It’s a general writing-article
about doing versus writing that I wrote to help myself as much as
anyone else.”

Kelby H. Carr presents <
a href="">
Fall Foliage Forecast posted at
Asheville Fall Color Hunter
, saying, “People can stay posted on where to find fall
foliage with this new blog hunting down fall color. Users can
also submit fall color pictures and stories of their

Matt M presents

Dog Haircuts - Before & After
posted at
The Pet Haven, saying,
“Pictures just say it all!”

Vee presents


posted at Marcy’s Barn.

Zen Master presents
Heart | Haiku Reviewer - The
Ancient Art of The Succinct Review
posted at
Haiku Reviewer - The Ancient Art of
The Succint Review
, saying, “Hi there! Many thanks for
featuring my new site last month - I would like to submit another
post so you can see the progress I’m making. I’m really enjoying
doing this - thanks again, and have a great weekend!

Matt M presents

Pets With Food Allergies
posted at
The Pet Haven.

Warren Wong presents

A Lesson In Standing Up For What You Believe In
posted at
Personal Development for
, saying, “An inspiring story about a father teaching a
son how to stand up for what he believes in.”

hummmbert presents

posted at
Death By 1000
, saying, “The scantily-clad anti-jihadis babes
fight terrorism using nothing more than their wits and their
god-given assets”

Matt M presents
as Pets
posted at
The Pet Haven.

David Bose presents

Leopard, a new era of operating systems
posted at
David Bose: Leopard, a new era of
operating systems

Brian Miller presents
posted at The
Graffiti of Sevilla
, saying, “This is a blog documenting the
graffiti I find during my year abroad in Sevilla Spain.”

Raj presents
Secrets of Successful Blogging | MT Herald Dot Com
posted at
MT Herald Dot Com.

Raj presents

Deeds That Can Build Trust In Your Blog | MT Herald Dot Com

posted at MT Herald Dot Com.

Raj presents

Tame Crawlers To Obey Your Directives | MT Herald Dot Com

posted at MT Herald Dot

Trevor K. Neuman presents
Why Doctors
Don?t Know?
posted at
Diabetes Research & Diabetic Diet

poetloverrebelspy presents

Comparing Foreign Websites for Deals
posted at
Less Than a

Andrew Erickson presents

Recommended: Targeted Blog Traffic Course
posted at
WebSite Werx.

Diane Kidman presents

A Highly Placed Source by Michelle Dally
posted at
carp(e) libris.

Matt M presents

What’s New in the Pet World?
posted at
The Pet Haven.

Richard McLaughlin presents
Do Something Nice for your
posted at Internet
Marketing Tools and Tips

Joshua C. Karlin presents

Reason Why Sales & Marketing - The Power of ?Because?
at Marketing & Fundraising Ideas.

Sarah presents

What About Bob? — “a vacation from your problems”
posted at

JP presents

White Knight Syndrome: Confessions of an addict
posted at

Eric Rosenberg presents

The Israel Situation: UN Anti-Israel Bias Continues
posted at
The Israel
, saying, “A discussion of systematic United Nations
bias against Israel.”

Joshua Wagner presents
Love and Fear
posted at Total

anexa85 presents
The Twisted Web That is The
Religious Mind
posted at
The Humanist Life.

Matt M presents

posted at
The Pet Haven.

M. Cruz presents

House Cleaning Time! Uninstall Unused Plugins! |
posted at
“Thoughts on my ever-growing number of wordpress plugins!”

chris presents

My favorite new Commercial …Commonwealth Bank: Anthem

posted at DropKick MonKey.

Lovelyn presents

An Introduction to Self Massage
posted at
The Art of Balanced Living.

Next edition of Showcase.. which is for blogs 3 months old and younger..
except where we choose to make exceptions will be at
The Random
Thank you for being patient while I got better! Submit your post here
Submit your blog article to the
next edition of new blog showcase using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our
blog carnival index

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Jan 27 2008

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Festival Of Chaos Edition 29

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Welcome to the bad kitty cats festival of chaos edition 29.
The announced optional theme this week was feathers or birds, at our house its
More likely to be… Go away I’m sleepy.


Boss cat Rocky shares just a few of the ways cats can relax err slack with Slacker Sunday residing at Artsy Catsy.
A fine job was done.

Andree shares that there is lots of interesting reading this week: Divisions in the Ceiling Cat Clubz, Ceiling Cat iz Smartr than U, Jesuz begunz 2 preech, amirite?, The callin of teh frist desipels, Jesuz heels teh sIckly, and a late visit from a King! meeyauw: LOL Cat Bible: Lectionary Readings for the Third Sunday after Epiphany divinely posted at meeyauw.

Nikita gives us some feline humor with awesome travel tips, careful that you don’t spew while reading. Stop over and share some love with Madmacedonian

Izzy shows great restraint when invaded. SirWoody yawns and says ignoring, with a few growls proves who the superior cat is. As if there were any questions!
ignore invaders
Cece poses beautifully for a man cat Monday, while Mog tries to eat with out any feline type help!
Mog also despairs over bad kitties with that darn cat.
Meowza gives us a great look at stalking.
We also get to see a dirty kitty.. go peek, that’s all I can say!

Gypsy & Tasha share feather toy techniques, while showing off feline patience, and then they announce an award. Lucky buggers was Tiggers reaction.Exercise on Sunday and an Award! staked out at Gypsy & Tasha - Kaz’s Cats.

Gattina lets us look at Arthur’s activities of this week we were delighted to see that no unnecessary energy was expended My cats and funny stories.


TB gives us a hysterical look at How To Communicate With Your Cat SirWoody suggests that everyone prints and or memorizes this, for the humans convenience of course…found at The man’s side of it!.

TT&TOT Gang share the utter bliss of friendship.. until they realize that camera is out.. Feline Friday: Cuddle Buddies hiding in plain site at This, That & The Other Thing.

Kelly Cat gives us the perfect resting spot for maximum attention with Traditional Friday Cat Blogging: Nicky parked at It’s all Good..

Debra sees a new side of Ping, a great and mighty hunter Ping’s Treasure trophy photos are at MANX MNEWS.

Sbpoet broke poor Sir Woody’s heart with the appeal for employment opportunities for The Agony Cats. Save These Cats’ Jobs! desperate at Watermark.

poor cats

chaosgone shares a rip roaring, kitten bapping, biting and other great feline activities with Funny Kittens boxed in at Chaosgone.

Chey, the adorable is interviewing for a personal bodyguard.It appears to be a very difficult
position to follow..Just remember Chey it’s all about you darlin.

Tigger and Samantha are just groovin with toys for Samantha’s secret paw friend..Pretty obvious that Samantha is much more dignified!

Mr. Tigger announces that theM-Cats Club is open! If your a manly man cat or just a m-cat in training, this is a new club just for you!

This weeks weekend cat blogging was hosted by the Tuxedo Gang Hideout ,(not what did you eat!) they did a super job! My bad to Sam and the gang….

The next edition of the festival will be at The Bad Kitty Cats
Hosted by Megan and Zed Monster.

The Bengal Brats thank you for joining in, and hope you enjoyed the festival as much as we did.

nite nite

Please let me know if I have missed anyone.

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