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Dec 30 2005

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The New Year and Mother Nature

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I have decided that, I am not going to be fooled by Mother Nature.
That is my New Year’s Resolution.
She will no longer con me into thinking, she is a gentle and sweet soul.
I have learned my lesson.
It wont matter how many dozens of flowers are blooming.
I am going to stay focused this year!
Mother Nature the bountiful isn’t pulling
one over on me this year!
Flowers will not bribe me,well maybe a small bribe, or confuse the issue.

This Small Town, In Florida in 2006.
Can you believe 2006.
Just a few years ago I was freezing to death in CowboyHeaven,Montana
with a New Years Resolution to move to the South.
To Paradise. Ha!
I realize, I have adapted, I shiver at 70 degrees.
If it isn’t 385 degrees, I am chilly.
The blessings of living in the South.
Sweet Paradise.

Also in paradise are these added bonuses
of Mother Nature’s sweet and kind nature.
Some I see infrequently
others, nearly daily, Some not so blessed often, for which I am thankful.

Southern bonuses, freely given,the blessings of paradise.
Which I resolve to appreciate more.

Fire Ants as big as water buffalo.
Spiders that will eat you before you can blink.
Snakes that don’t rattle before they bite.
Cock Roaches as big as Ford Trucks. Fire Ants.
Red stinging caterpillars that drop from the Oak trees.
Brown recluse spiders,Black widows, fire ants.

Swarms of enormous, aggressive mosquitoes crossbred
with vampire bats.
Fire Ants.

Blistering heat, Sweltering humidity.
More fireants.
Alligators in the ponds, or swimming holes,
Big ones with extra large, teeth.
They hang out with the fire ant crowd,
I think.

Hurricanes at no particular intervals.
Tornadoes. Sink holes. Parasites. Fire ants.
Wasps that look like giant eagles.
Electrical storms. Killer flower spores.

My new years resolution for 2006 is to keep a sense of humor,
to not run shrieking into the house, when I see the above
blessings of the South.
And no matter how bad hurricane season has been,
I will not talk about what part of STUPID we are for living in Florida.
Well not more than a few small comments.
Brief allusions to ..hurricanes, and being well intelligently challenged.

Remember how Blessed I am.
To give those extra hugs away!
And to buy lots of extra Ant Spray.

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Dec 30 2005

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Critter’s and Black Eyed Peas

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While MissSnot sulks
in the rocking chair,
Buddy The Dog, lectures BlackJack , and Tigger
about Blackeyed peas being good luck for the coming year, and how
eating them shows “humility”.
And why they would be in the house let alone on the humans table.
Tigger say’s he’ll just take his chances , BlackJack, wonders if they
really taste that bad.
Buddy The Dog assures BlackJack they do taste that bad.

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Dec 30 2005

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Photo Friday.. Best “Of”

This is from my first Orchid,
Taken March 18, 2005.

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