Mar 30 2008

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Welcome To Chaos Edition 38

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The Three Brats Welcome you to the 38th Edition of the Festival of Chaos


Cato starts us out with Cato for President:
San Catio de Calistoga

Cato For President

Moving on to adorable land Ana from Chica and Pumuckisay’s the cat’s are busy playing which makes living with funny Cats a blast. Those darn Chica & Pumuckl
Those funny Cats

Dragonheart & Merlin give usFrootbat Friday & Memes at Chat Aux Sphynx.

Chat Aux Sphynx

Parker shares a dilemma that all formerly ferals face, drop by and help with a comment!
Formerly Feral Friday.

Beautiful Eyes

Debra gives us
Finally Friday: Momma’s Heavy Heart Maybe Debra you will see them again, as the kittens get bolder….

pretty manx

Rocky announces an
200th Post Contest! At Artsy Catsy.
Seriously Asking

Mog set in several entries starting with Mancat Monday Mog also gives us Tummy Tuesday #83.

Mog gives us another mancat monday this one is at iMeowza, Featuring Cece.Mancat Monday

Mog shares yet another Observations On Them.

Mog shares a look at Bazel with Caturday.


TT&TOT Gang announces
Finally Feline Friday: Most Popular Spot in the House

Best Places

sbpoet gave us Watermark: Cat Herding

This is simply wonderful!

Andree reads out from the weeks catbible. LOL Cat Bible: Lectionary Readings for the Second Sunday of Easter

Reading from the Cat Bible

Cheysuli shows great thinking habits. On Meezer Rule Wednesday

Thinking things through

January Cat shares the agony of rescueing feral kitties!Karnak Street Kats: Victor Shares We are so glad that you have a big heart!


CatSynth (Amar and Luna) gives to you mp3 kitty cat synthesizer music - Weekend Cat Blogging #147
And what a darn fine job they have done!

Diamond Emerald-Eyes gave us a peek at
Easy Like Sunday

Lazy Sundays

Samantha and Mr Tigger show off the theme of the Festival with Eyes, and ears. Lovely Job!.

Eyes and Ears

The Cat Boys Realm Said farwell to a dear friend, in fact we used that photo in an earlier post. Upsie was much loved and will be missed. Do stop by The Cat Boys Realm and read the beautiful poem.


That wraps up the Festival of Chaos for the week!
Thank you Megan for letting us host.

Next week the Festival will land at Ms. Mog & Kitty Cats at Mind Of Mog
(Optional Theme - To Be Determined )

Since the track backs do not seem to be working, we will try this way!

The Cat Boys Realm>
Bad Kitties Festival Of Chaos
Karnak Street Kats

Chey’s Place
Creatures Of The Earth
Dragonhearts Domain
Perfectly Parker”
Easy Like Sunday
200th Post Contest!

Samantha and Mr Tigger
San Catio de Calistoga
Finally Friday: Momma’s Heavy Heart

Finally Feline Friday: Most Popular Spot in the House

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    Monday Skritch’n and Herding…

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