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Mar 08 2008

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Weekend Edition 144 Of WCB

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Welcome to the slightly delayed 144th edition of Weekend Cat Blogging!
My apologies to those who could not get comments to work..
Do feel free to get your post to me via email at pet(at)petsgardenblog(dot)com.

Thanks to all for the happy Birthday wishes.. We had treats.. and a lovely quiet day.
Tigger enjoyed a special dinner of octopus and mussels..ICK.
Pet settled for a veggie salad and vanilla icecream..

Due to high winds and a driver who took out a power pole,( the driver was not hurt, the pole was totaled..)
We were without electricity till a few minutes ago! Our thanks to all who have submitted a post, and the rest of you can leave a linky in the comments or send Pet an e-mail at pet(at) petsgardenblog(dot) com.

Sleeping Mommy has a lot on her plate yet has managed to stop and see a cat in a sink.. Charles who is simply adorable decided that sinks can be a happening place. Sleeping Mommy and her family can sure use some prayers and sympathy. Do drop by and say howdy.

Cheysuli struggles with the concepts of finance,but finds it rather confusing.. Perhaps the Woman will need to * gasp* take control of the plastic.. Just mentioning that you understand.

Dolphin shares a pencil comic that is hilarious, and Gryphon looking innocent while breaking into the cat treats.. Why is it that kitties are all able to psychically decide.. “you will not see this”, and expect that we humans wont..
Well! That sent Tigger slinking off for a nap..

Artsy Catsy have been working their paws to the bone in doing good for others! Poor Rocky has eye gooblers.. Now that’s a cat that needs a nap!
Rocky is hosting this Sundays Carnival of the Cats, do get your post in.

Samantha and Mr. Tigger show just how wonderful life with kids and cats can be.. No wonder they commented “We luv Granddaughterbean and she luvs us!!”

Kate says Come and see what Bustopher and Harmon are killing time.. in their new home during these last days of winter. They are bored!
They don’t look bored, they look pretty happy!

Kc caught Maxx and Roxy redhanded.. err hot pawed.. err.. well behaving beautifully ..
They are too cute and so good for us beans…

Rosie was befuddled at some fluffy white stuff. which she decided she didn’t care for.. Isn’t it wonderful how adaptable our kitties are!

CatSynth and Luna haven’t done much with LOL cats.. So on a wild hair off they went,do check it out!
We hope your feeling a lil more settled in now!

We will be updating thru the weekend.. get your posts in!

*** Early Sunday Morning Update***

Rosa reports that this is Maruschka’s favorite this is every kitties favorite activity at the moment,Just go see this lovely lil girl.

Petee and Stasia have a toy of contention.. And Someone does not share well. I’m hardly ever surprised when kitties get territorial about toys.. Cause the Brats always seem to covet the others toys..

Welcome Virginieand also to Piloselle.
This is their first post to WCB, they are from France, be sure to drop by and say welcome!

Moki is starting to feel much better now, wow what good news! This poor kitty has sure been thru the wringer cycle more than once. He is in need of further testing to hopefully figure out and cure what’s making him sick.. Send some help if you can………Purrs and prayers in any case.

Katie and Puddy share their love in some delightful photos. Puddy also had a rough start, but oh boy howdy, she sure lives like a princess now!

Over at Mind of Mog Meowza enjoys a good back scratching, the dirt kind! The best kind for kitties that are safe outside.
Meowza sure isnt shy about sharing that cute tummy either!

Isn’t it amazing how many of our dearest and most loved kitties started their lives as “throwaways”. Kitties are to be always cherished and loved. Even if they bite you because your not giving them enough attention.
I think I may have typed that by compulsion from SirWoodys green eyes.. Hmmmm..

Tigger said…

Further updates later!
SonnyBob has been avoiding the office today.. strange.

**** UpDate Sunday Afternoon****

Guylaine, tu es le bienvenu.
Mina et M. Oliver sont très Lovely! Belles photos!
Glad vous pouvez nous rejoindre.This is what I hope I said.. in French.

(Thank you Google for translations.) In english it reads:

Guylaine, You are so very welcome.
Mina and Mr Oliver are very Lovely! Beautiful photos!
Glad you could join us.

Kashim and Othello ( who are hosting BKCFoC~ LOL cats today!) sent in their entry a tad late, but always welcome! It appears they were catching up on their beauty sleep… but the festival will go on!

I think that ties up WCB for us, we wish you all a Blessed week!
Purrs from the brats to you…..

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