Mar 16 2008

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Festival Of Chaos~Edition 36

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The World of Jenotopia starts out this festival with a tad of mischief.. or is it evil?

January Cat from Karnak Street Kats shares that they do not believe in declawing cats, but Toby came to them declawed. He did not seem to know that he was different from other cats.

Gattina shares that Rosie found a new house for her mousies but poor baby is just wore out!

Finally Friday is the sigh given by Debra at MANX MNEWS, I’m not so sure the kitties agree!

Babath says its the Pose of repose , The brats think its a wonderful description of chaos in order.

TT&TOT Gang say yippie!!! the Carnival is coming! Do be sure to drop by for this weeks edition of the Carnival Of The Cats.

Parker says its Tuesday Tummy and Toesies Al Fresco!

Cheysuli wonders if we can see her toes.. while exposing…go see!

Sleeping Mommy gives us an excellent pictorial update on the 10 day old babies.Ahhhhhhhhh……

Andree shares lots of important news this week: especially about the awful lolmoth. Don’t miss it.

Artsy Catsy are doing an urgent fundraiser, go read and help if you can.

Silveral shares some good insights into celebrity pets and their owners.

CatSynth (Amar and Luna) comment if you peer into the photo, you can see the bases of Luna’s paws ..Lovely Luna….

Mog shares Meowzas tummy, and what a cutie it is!

Diamond Emerald-Eyes gives us a hint of toes and claws with easy like Sunday.

Samantha shows her stuff with Bad Kitty Cat Festival Of Chaos #36-Toes or Claws.

Thanks for joining this weeks Festival of Chaos!

Neek week is hosted by Megan & Bad Kittens Three at Bad Kitty Cats Journal
~ Optional Theme - Easter Edition

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