Mar 18 2008

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Feral Cats

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Feral cat news is a new feral cat news web site that is updated daily. I have had the opportunity to correspond briefly with the site owner, who feels very strongly that people need to make up their own minds on how to deal with feral cats. Because there are always choices on handling feral cats .
This gal describes herself as” a feral cat caretaker in Florida. I strongly believe in TNR and No Kill shelters”.

I like that. Those who simply trap and kill cats are not well thought of around here.

TheMasterOfTheUniverse and I were faced last year with the difficult decision of what to do with the feral momma cat that just showed up one day. We were fortunate to be able to trap and spay her, as well as the one kitten that survived. Where we live there are natural (in this case a fox) predators that don’t realize cats are not food. We by the way still cannot pet either of them, but they will sit by me outside. It is all good as long as I bring treats and keep my hands to myself!

In the past decade it has become much more common for communities to develop a Trap-neuter-vaccinate-release program. This has proved effective in managing feral colonies in different areas.

The Humane Society of the USA estimates that 1 breeding pair of feral cats can produce
many thousands of kittens in 7 years. That’s a lot of kittens!

So what do we do with all these unwanted cats? There are no easy answers.
Educate owners; set up low cost/ no- cost spays neuter clinics. Educate.

There are literally thousands of groups in the USA that set up shelters, or arrange trapping, neutering or spaying and release back to the feral cat’s territory.
Find one get involved, help where you can.
By the way Feral Cat news is actively seeking links, so go share !

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