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Jan 29 2006

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Showcase Carnival Is Up!

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Showcase Carnival of New Blogs is here !

The New Blog Showcase Carnival comes around every Monday. You can find details on the Carnival schedule at the main Carnival page. If you are the author of a new blog … (3 months old or less) …submit your blog via the multi-carnival submission form over at Conservative Cat.

On To The Blogs!

John from When Evil Prospers
questions in Honesty At Last : How can you support someone while condemning their deeds?

And moving on to Homes and Big Decisions
David Porter at
Pacesetter Mortgage Blog
whose blog is in the Way older than New Blog Stage! But Tigger say’s we should give’em a break,
discusses the market and the reasons to buy or to wait …

Should Home Buyers hold off buying for 2006?

While Will Kirby Kirby On Finance
looks at ways to get free wireless internet!
How Does Free Wireless Internet Sound?

Last weeks carnival was at Right Wing Nation
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Next weeks Carnival is at “Dave’s Not Here”

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Jan 29 2006

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American Heartland

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I was traveling through the heartland of America this last week,
I was struck at the feeling of having stepped back into time, as I drove.

Driving out of Lafayette, Ind. I passed this barn, it really hit me visually that just as the downtown areas of these small towns have died, so have the section, 180 acre american farms.

Boswell, Ind.
What more can be said…

Downtown Boswell, Ind. The post office and VFW are the only places open for business in this downtown area.
The thing I kept thinking as I drove was that places like Wal-Mart have changed the fabric of our country, we want more for less, and quality and personal service are forgotten concepts.
And yes, I do remember driving into gas stations where your fuel was pumped for you, and the oil was checked at no charge!
We just dont see sunrises like this in Fl.
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Jan 24 2006

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Cat in a what?

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