Mar 30 2008

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The Failed Negotiations….

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The Brats agreed to discuss SonnyBob’s continuing persecution of LoliTheGreatDane.
At first they were all pretty shy about talking..
As usual The NastyBrat SonnyBob had to have the last word.. err nip of LoliTheGreatDanes leg.

Don’t forget The brats have the Chaos Festival this evening!

the brats
The Three Brats

SonnyBob is mad
SonnyBob is pretty mad here.

SirWoody soothes things
SirWoody attempts the negotiations.

Nipping is for Bengal Cats
SonnyBob nips LoliTheGreatDane.

Well at least some of them tried.

Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos Edition 38 • 03-30-2008
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The Carnival of the Cats #211 is going to Nikita’s Place Sunday Evening
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  1. Musings of a Mad Macedonianon 31 Mar 2008 at 3:01 am 1

    Carnival of the Cats #211…

    Ladies and Gentlecats, and the Humans that love them… It is with a humble sense of pride that I have the very special honor, and responsibility, to bring to you, today, the 211th edition of The Carnival of the Cats!…

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