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Apr 29 2006

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An Adventure

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There are some major changes afoot in our Lives.
We have placed our house for sale, and we are
stark raving crazy feeling pretty excited about the change.
We are shopping for a boat.. Not just a boat, A Big boat, a cruiser.
The Master of the Universe The ships Master has some definite requirements about engines, generators, silly man..

What’s important is space for our critters, and a decent kitchen Galley…See I’m learning.
Actually, we have both done a fair amount of sailing..
And we both have always wanted a GREAT ADVENTURE
So.. we have taken the first smalls steps…..

Bear with me in the coming weeks as I share the ups and downs of
Moving onto a boat..err ship.. whatever!
Hawkins has a new home coming soon, he is going to be a companion pony for some retired race horses..He’s so bossy he will be in pony heaven..

MissSnot and Tigger will be fine, BuddyTheDog will adapt.. Cause he is so mellow..
BlackJackTheBlackLab concerns us.

We may have to take R’s offer of adoption for him..
We plan to take the dogs aboard one at a time, to see how they handle boating.
Our vet has told us some dogs get seasick.
So time and patience will tell

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Apr 28 2006

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As some of you know, I have been searching for a wp template that has been eluding me for
a couple of months now..
I am pretty sure that if I was not so dang lazy ummm busy that
I would have found and settled on one by now..
This template is kind of what I want..
And I expect Im just gonna have to get after some serious coding one of these days..

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Apr 28 2006

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Goodby Boot Camp Hell

Boot camps for juveniles are going to be removed from the state of
Florida. The boot camps will be replaced with Sheriffs Training and Respect

Martin County Juvenile Offender Training Center, is the model
Being used. Focus is on self-esteem and after-care. Teaching and leading,
Rather than beating and intimidating.

Physical or psychological intimidation of the youths is strictly forbidden.
There is no place for physical or emotional sadists in this program.

The act doing away with the boot camps, at which at least six kids
have died in the past six years, is named after Martin Lee Anderson, a
14-year-old honor student who was beaten to death by sadist guards who have gotten away scott free with murder by Bay County
Sheriff’s Boot Camp guards on Jan. 5, 2006. The same day he entered the boot camp from hell. And let’s not forget the angel of mercy, the nurse who stood by as Martin was dying, doing nothing.

No one has been charged in the case after 4 months.
The sheriff’s office maintains that the guards were trying to get Anderson to participate.
I still wonder if that was before or after he was unconscious from being choked.

He was placed there for taking his grandmother’s car on a joy

Kids entering the camps will now be told of their right to outside
counsel; given abuse hot line telephones numbers. They will also be given physical
exams upon entering and leaving..

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