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Apr 05 2006

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Cat Nudist’s

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Tigger would like to be a cat nudist. Or a member of the Georgia House of Cat Representatives. You know one of “The Privileged Few Who Must Be Recognized on Sight”.

Tigger thinks it would be kind of cool to be able to ignore laws if they happened to inconvenience him. Or to turn his personal contravention of the law into an attack on those who do their job. Cats are mischief makers after all. Surely everyone understands that, and it would have nothing to do with species discrimination.

Here is a cat nudist people can take lessons from!
Do the wrong thing.
Then lie about it.
Claim he was mistreated because of his species.
Move all his species supporters to his side to protest his unfair treatment.
Have daily “Poor me, I’m a Cat headlines.

Tigger could be the next anarchist. Or like a blithering ass.

Beth at Blue Star Chronicles has the human take on this…

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