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Carnival of the Cats Number 106

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Welcome to Carnival of the Cats number 106.
I have to tell you I was feeling a wee bit intimidated until Tigger
Started snorting and cheeping as we looked at the first entry.

Kittens and more Kittens from Chris at kitten pictures. They are toooooooo cute!

Rahel from Elms in the Yard shows us Missy slowly waking up from a doze.

While over at Melange the saying “Everybody loves some birdy sometime.” ~ Anonymous is no joke , The cats are enthralled by the bird brigade

Ferdinand T. Cat from Conservative Cat
Shows us that with a bit of patience, cats can get what they wantskritching

Blueberry from Texas Oasis shows us Alex’s centerfold pose calling Mr. DeMille, and yes spots do absolutely go with stripes…

Susan at pages turned gives us a look at
Bliss , and following it..

Storyteller at Scribblings gives us a look at watching the RobinIntently!

Julie over at i-pets shows us a photo that looks like Plato was painted in oils..

Barry Campbell from enrevanche shares some beautiful tulips and some darn good advice from Mister Gato

Lab Kat shows us sunbathing kat style as Pixel enjoys her sunlamp.

Kimberly at Anchored by Grace gives us Riley sleepily soaking up the morning sunshine, while Blossom finds a corner in which to make a nest. You can also see a photo of a ‘ghost cat’

Debra from ManxMnews shows us beams of sunlight as Abby glows in the afternoon sun.

Baronger over at Baronger’s Scribblings shares a story about the taming of a feral cat with, the Fable of the Mabel Babel

Good NEWS from Aloysius at Catymology after exhausting negotiations the strike has been settled. Peacefully. Then shares with us the burning question what does a “Viral Communications Consultant” actually do?

Unlike The Evil cat at Domestic Psychology shared with us by CathyWatching for falling squirrels..

Omnibus Driver at Leslie’s Omnibus gives us a glimpse of preparations as Tiger Boots and The Divine Miss Marilyn get ready for the BIG TIME

Kimberly over at Music and Cats proves that Sergei knows that he is far more important to Paul than those dang white boxes!

SB from Watermark shares an awesome list of poetry resources as well as some poetic picturesVery nice and Thank you SB!

ACM at Just Between Strangers
Gives us “Ok then, how about some kittens“? Adorable Bengal’s!

Jeff at Athenamama presents Thalia Face Down… Again

leucanthemum b from Composite Drawlings
Shows us the feeding frenzy after the storm Soft hearts are highly valued.

Mensa Barbie at Mensa Barbie Welcomes You shares with us Butterscotch’s concise explanations of the criteria for good education.

Dolphin shares that it’s been awhile, but Feline Fridays are back at Where the Dolphins Play

The Robot Vegetable at Middle-Fork presents Maple and the Coral Marble nice shot!

Keewee at keewee’scorner gives us Turn off the Flash!

Maggie katzen at maggies meanderings and shameless plugs gives us a shot of Carlos fearlessly protecting the posies

Martha Bridegam at Demisemiblog presents Friday catblogging/everyone’s a critic

Winston at A Blog Purr-say (per sé) presents Getting Spiffed up and Smellin’ Good! Pretty darned cute!

Clare Eats at eatstuff presents Kitty or a turtle? How funny!

Molly Doodlebug (aka The Doodle Monster) at sent us Molly Doodlebug & The Cat Cabin. Looking as snug as a bug!

Judith at Two Black Cats presents Arty’s entry for the Catolympics- not sure which event but it looks strenuous. What an athlete!

Is This Kitty Porn?
Catherine Collingwood at presents the undersides of her cats nawww. It’s safe!

A reminder I needed yesterday.. The clock magically moved ahead….
PJ at No Deep Thoughts presents Spring Forward

Jan from CascadeExposuresgives us a look at a dilemma as Pepper Contemplates Going Outside

SISU gives us several things to examine…
The Doctor Is In
He’s a cat’s cat
The cat’s the thingBloggers sub rosa The dark corners of the medieval imagination

SB at Watermark presents Cats Cats & Only Cats

Valerie at Val’s Bien presents Garden Naps with a tongue in cheek…

Rondi Adamson at Begin Each Day as if it Were on Purpose shares with us Anatomy of My Feline Flu And a question of rights under the Geneva Convention?

Vicki at OutsideIn presents Give Us This Day good friends are such a Blessing !

animalfamily at animal family presents misuse of office equipment highly suspicious internet behaviour, but sooooooooo very adorable!

Mr. Toast at Wind In The Wire gives us the real story in Psycho-cat story sweeps nation!

There were a few last minute entries, so being as I am the Queen of kindness, I have added them..

Mira d’Oubliette at The Oubliette gives us friday catbloggingfriday catblogging part II

Laura Lee Donoho at The Wide Awake Cafe presents Not Wide Awake but very well guarded!

TaTa Gives us Larry, the mighty hunter in wild pursuit of .. zebra paper..

Jack Cluth at The People’s Republic of Seabrook saysWow…when did this happen?

tinker at The Secret Life of Shoes gives us a laugh with I Speak Cat and Dog!

K T Cat at The Scratching Post gives us Snoozy Cat

Elisson at Blog d’Elisson shares surprise with Meet Sammy

Elisson at Blog d’Elisson shares the deep hot dark secrets with The Ritual Deflowering

John at StrangeRanger indulges us with some cat psychology Goodbye old Couch

If by some odd change, I have missed anyone , just drop me a email and Ill do the right thing.. most likely..

And That my friends, furry and otherwise wraps up the 106th edition of the Carnival of The Cats

Last weeks Carnival was hosted by Scribblings
Next weeks carnival can be found at ktcatspost

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