Fire Ants

We live in a small town in central Florida..
Imagine a town with a gas station, and a post office.
The gas station is old.. like 1940’s and the post office is state of the art.. 2002..
Life in the south is full of these images..old and new..

In a couple of years after Hurricane rebuilding is complete which is the second friday before hell freezes over( in case you wondered).. it will be even more pronounced..
and everywhere.. are the grand and beautiful Grand daddy oaks..
They are the prize of the south..Heck.. they are John’s pride..He frets in the spring as the new leaves emerge..
and wonders if they are healthy. He actually walks out and talks tothese trees.No your not gonna mention that I chatter all day long while I am working in the gardens..shhhh…

I believe we have a dozen or so on our property. John is the guardian of the trees, he made his dream of having his own personal park a reality. My oh so tough husband will discuss the genius of trees at length with anyone who knows anything about a oak..
he wonders if Spanish moss is a killer parasite..and if I should spray resurrection fern with weed kill.. I dont know with my fairy wand to protect the trees it grows on…. He is simply a wonderful man.. who loves Oak Trees.

Grand daddy oaks are perfect for kids or grand kids to shimmy up.. squirrels to dance or play on..or even better.. the coolest spot in summer.. perfect for a summer picnic. While you watch the flowers dance in harmony all thru our magical place.
Beware though…Yall gotta watch out for the fire ants..
did I ever mention that I personally despise fire ants..
Why God ever created em.. I don’t know..
but he did.. so it’s all good..
Yes , God does have a warped sense of humor..

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