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Apr 28 2006

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Photo Friday’Famous’

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Photo Friday Famous

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Apr 27 2006

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What do you say to your friends?

When their hair is falling out from chemo..
I said she looked cute as a button.
A shiny button…
She laughed.
When your friend is crying at your kitchen table because her dad died,
And she has decided not to go home for the funeral.
I told her he wouldn’t miss her being there…
She laughed.

Or R. who called tonight at 1 AM to vent because she is dying and angry
She didn’t laugh nor did I.
We talked about people’s fear of organ donation.

I am so glad I have friends.
Now I just need a magic wand.

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Apr 24 2006

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Showcase Carnival~Honor~Country~Family

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I cannot think of words that evoke stronger feelings than: God, Country, Family, and honor. Today’s Carnival entries do, Thank you for your submissions.

The first submission today deals with Marines. Michael from Stingrayshares with us “Remembering The Brave”.

One who gave his life in honor and bravery. A marine who lived and died with this code engraved on his heart.

Marine Corps Lt. Jim Cathey did so. Please follow the links to the rest of this heartrending story.

“I am an American, fighting in the forces which guard my country and our way of life. I am prepared to give my life in their defense. “

There is another Marine, one all who has family serving fear to see.

Major Steve Beck. This marine has the honor and burden of bringing news that the family member, child, or spouse has died in the line of service.

This is a piece I truly wish everyone in America would read.

The next entry was from Paula Martinac at Dementia Blues gives us “My head’s not worth stink”

Paula shares with us some of the frustrations and pain of a parent who loses their mental capacity.

Our next submission is from Renee at Deployed Family Support who shares with us a gift she Received and would love to share.. A really special Musical Storybook for Children of Military Families…This is free to any military family…

Showcase is the New Blog Carnival - details and submission information are here, or submit your 3-month-old (or less) blog via the Conservative Cat’s carnival submission page.

The Random Yak hosted Last weeks carnival, and Daves Not Here is next weeks host followed by a Customer Servant

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