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Jan 25 2008

Friday Flu

Published by pet under Life

The flu has decided to stop at our house.
It’s apparently not been enough of a stressful week..
So just for FUN, I am enjoying these aerobic exercises.

Vomiting for stomach muscle stretching, really good for those tummy muscles.. Feel the burn.

Diah -Who, why bother guessing.. Just run for the john.

Chills to ensure your muscles do not all contract together, keep them healthy.

Sneezing, for that great sense of well whatever, as you enjoy the top of your head exploding.

Really, I saw the doc this morning. And they aren’t sure if it is a flare up of salmonella,
or a viral infection.

Im hoping for viral and as soon as I can

I will introduce Miss Lolli. A Great Dane cross who has come to live at our house.

Our house, It’s a very very fine house, with 3 bengals in the sink, life used to be so hard,
Now every thing is easy cause of you…
LaLa LAALAALah.umm ty crosby stills and nash…

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