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Feb 15 2008


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TheMasterOfTheUniverse suprised me yesterday..
He had left for work, and I was in the kitchen puttering..
when his truck came back thru the gate..
after dumping our weekly offering of trash.. yes that is his job.

I reacted quickly asking ‘what happened are you sick”?
And TheMasterOfTheUniverse smiled at me.
Suprise I have the next 5 days off.
Annoucing a 5 day vacation break.hmmmm…..well

Wonderful, I love having Him home..we have so much fun together!

This am , about 3 he had a temp of 102.6
Chills, can you say cranky..
He is now medicated and sleeping

I love mini vacations during the flu season.

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Feb 15 2008

Photo Friday~Infinity

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Photo Friday Infinity

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