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Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos No.55

Bad Kitty Cats Festival Of Chaos

Bad Kitty Cats Festival Of Chaos Home page

Pet and TheBengalBrats send a big hug and lots of thank you purrs to Kashim & Othello
for making us such a beautiful header!

Proving that Pet is a chaos witch slightly psychic, no she didn’t say psychotic Tigger…Notice how many photos feature “Those Eyes”..

sbpoet shares a real life look at love, loss, and denial with
Spike this post resides atWatermark.

Send some purrs and prayers their way…

Babeth tells of the chaos that ensues when a bitty she cat takes on a manly-man man cat with Sweet temper

Frankette vs mancat

This uproar can be found at House of Chaos.

Russ dares the wrath of Queen Mycah by showing us a glimpse of a
Mighty Hunter

kismet the great hunter

residing at TacJammer.

DEBRA gives us a moment of calm amidst the reigning chaos with
Finally Friday

Miss Abbey

peacefully abiding at MANX MNEWS. .

Angus Mhor shows what a chaos possessed cat can and will do…
Notice the eyes. With Come Closer..I Don’t Bite!~Whatcha’ Gonna Do?


This post resides at Angus Mhor. Be afraid…

CatSynth (Amar and Luna) pay tribute to their dear friend Sher with

SherPet and TheBengalBrats would like to join the Blogosphere in offering their sympathy to this lovely Ladys family and friends.

catsynth.com mp3 kitty cat synthesizer music - Weekend Cat Blogging: What Did You Eat? this tribute is found at
catsynth.com mp3 kitty cat synthesizer music.

Rahel proves that it all is chaos with
Symmetricats! hiding on the carpet at

See the rug

Elms in the Yard.

Sanjee shares yet another face of chaos with
Caturday running amuck


at House of the (Mostly) Black Cats.

Mog proves that it’s not all chaos starring
Tummy Tuesday #100


resting peacefully at Mind of Mog.

Mog shows how snuggles get worn with
Finally Friday


nesting at Mind of Mog.

Snow, Leo and Fairy contemplate the coming days of chaos outlined by


permanently displayed at …purrrrs…. Enjoy!

Willow shows an excellent example of this weeks theme with My Eyes

willows eyes

Willow’s stunning eyes

posted at Willow’s cat blog.

China Cat displays Those Eyes

china’s gorgeous eyes

China’s gorgeous eyes

perched at China cat’s blog.

Samantha and Mr. Tigger were so caught up in chaos, they forgot to send their entry of

Samantha’s upside down eyes

Samantha’s downside up eyes

Mr. Tiggers Soulful eyes

Mr.Tigger’s Soulful eyes

playing in the Florida sand at Life From A cat’s Perspective.

Kashim & Othello proves the “eyes” have it with this week’s edition of
Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos No.55 Your eyes are upon them at Kashim & Othello.

Next weeks edition of Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos is hosted by Miz Mog and the kitties.

Pet and TheBrats thank you all for joining in to make this festival such fun!
Do stop by Kashim & Othello’s
Place to say thanks for their wonderful (as always!) artwork!

It’s Caterday

SonnyBob is very attached to his octopi, which happens to be exactly like the one owned by Tigger and Sir Woody….SirWoody was trying to sneak in and steal the well guarded toy..
Hmmm.. something about toys are better if they is your brothers..!

Click for full sized photo.

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Its Caturday at Coats of Many Colors!

Weekend Cat Blogging is being launched by Sher at
at What Did You Eat
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Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos is Sunday at Sleeping Mommy
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The Carnival of the Cats is landing at Bad Kitty Cats
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Here Fishies….

SonnyBob wants to know .. where are da fishies….Why won’t they come out to play? Click for full sized photo. Can I eat em, if I find em?? Please???? Click for full sized photo. Weekend Happenings: Board the Friday Ark … Continue reading