Christmas Carnival of New Blogs

Posted by pet | Carnivals, Christmas | Friday 29 December 2006 9:28 am

As usual I’m a few days late with the Christmas Carnival of New Blogs…
I tried connecting thru some current bushes, but the boat kept moving and .. oh well..
On to the Carnival of New Blogs.
This Carnival is for blogs 3 months old or less..
and while I cut a couple of people some slack.. the blog that was 2 years old is not being added… Blame Tigger .. he’s still grouchy about being left at home..
If you’re curious… take a look at the you-tube, and you will see why…

bobbarama (spew alert, do not drink and read) gives us Soaring into uncharted waters posted at

Bringing you back to reality with a very heart felt piece .. Josh Bickford shares What Possesses You? posted at Josh Bickford’s Reach For Magnificence.

Khristine White gives us some insight into What’s the Big Deal? -or- Those little things that drive us Nuts! posted at Food for Thought.

Iron Cook reviews Sony Ericsson K800 posted at Spicy Gadget Roll.

Moving from the kitchen into the office for some financial advice…

ispf presents Setting Financial Goals - Part 1 Guidelines for determining your goals posted at International Student Personal Finance.

Matthew Paulson gives us a look at Why Should You Be “Getting Green”? posted at Getting Green.

Onward to the Clothes Closet….

Tom Twerk shares a quick overview of a brand he recently discovered (Rocksmith), highlighting some of his favorite pieces.

Into the Living Room for some deep thoughts…

Abu Sahajj shares An Announcement posted at Hakim Abdullah.

Gabe Recchia gives us store policy posted at two new things: a webcomic.

Out to the front porch for some real life adventures!
DigitalRich tells us about Dinner On The Run: Coyote Food posted at DigitalRichDaily.

Last week the Carnival was at The Random Yak.. And I am not sure where it moves after this!
The permanent host of the New Blog Showcase is Ogre’s Politics and Views
For a complete list of Carnivals visit The Truth Laid Bear

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Photo Friday~Best Of 2006

Posted by pet | Photo Friday | Friday 29 December 2006 8:36 am

red rose bud

New Dawn Rose

pink rose