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Dec 01 2006

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Before Christmas

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In the month before Christmas:
when all through our land,
was nothing but dismay, Discord and sadness as
Our children were told by their schools not to sing,
About Jesus or angels, nope not one Godly thing.
Some Christians were praying but treated with scorn
Their stand was dismissed their words were ignored.

Our schools they worry about funding and such,
They worried and fretted that Carols from on high would clutter kids minds
In case they loved Buddha or Mohammed or such.

The words happy holiday so subtly introduced,
They caught on so quickly I thought it was a ruse!

Many said the idea of Christmas is nonsense anyway.
After all it’s just a fun winter’s holiday.

Making sure that the stocking are hung with such care, listen up and
Oh don’t you dare, muss the ribbons, and tinsel, and trees upside down,
as they adorn the isles of the stores where Happy Holiday is found.
Gifts those are bigger and more expensive too,
Line them up, after all what’s a bit of plastic to you.

If the words Merry Christmas; perhaps touch your heart.
If your faith is alive; your assurance is grace,
Salvation and faith the basis we know just as the
Shepherds who kept watch so long ago.

This year when you hear Merry Christmas just smile,
Because God in the Heavens just won’t go away,
It was His gift that was given us that day.
In our house and hearts The Christmas Gift, Jesus will stay.

For more on the Christmas alliance ( much better done also!)
visit the Random Tak.
Photo curtesy of the White Trash Republic

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Dec 01 2006

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Photo Friday~Stillness

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